Phil is my Peter Pan

Dan is a 17 year old broken soul.
After an argument with his parents, dan goes up into his room where he then does the only thing he can think of- he just doesn't want to live in a world where no one supports or cares about him; he just wants an escape.


1. Phil is my Peter Pan

"Mum, dad, I know it's hard for you to understand since it was hard for me to talk to you guys about it but I found you accept me for me. " 
After gaining the courage and strength for months now, Dan finally came out to his family who didn't exactly take it the way Dan was expecting. 
His parents pretended as if he was just pulling a big prank on them because there was absolutely no way on earth their precious baby boy was gay. Dan's mum laughed it off and told her son he was very funny but Dan's father didn't take it as lightly. 
"Daniel Howell, you are not gay. You're just being fucking stupid. This is one of those things you teenagers are doing as a form of rebellion isn't it? No way on earth is my son gay. You're a man, son; you better act like it." Mr. Howell told his son sternly. 
"Father, as much as I hate to break it to you, I am very much in fact gay. I just want you to accept this is who I am and who I will always be." Dan was at the verge of tears now, he had expected to have encouraging and supporting parents but he was wrong; his parents could not handle the fact that their son wasn't "normal."
"Daniel, you are not a homosexual so grow up; end of story. Now wipe those tears off your face, you look pathetic." 
"Listen to your father, honey. Now go upstairs to get washed up for dinner."

Dan knew his parents words shouldn't have gotten to him; he never cared what others thought but realizing his parents didn't support him made him break. 

The brown haired boy walked up to his room feeling all his emotions break free as soon as he fell on his bed. He didn't have any friends to talk to him, no one particularly liked the boy since they all thought he was a freak for liking "girly" things. 

"Why do things have to be "girly?" 
Just because I like painting my nails didn't mean I wasn't a boy. Just because I  like pink doesn't make me less manly. Just because I like pretty things, shouldn't mean anything! I'm just Dan. This is who I am and I like who am I. I just wish others understood that I was human too." Dan thought to himself. All his life, Daniel had been bullied and tormented for being different. He always preferred to play with girls instead of playing sports like other boys. At first, Dan's parents thought he was doing it because it was just a phase but as Dan got older, his parents got rougher on him; making Dan play rugby and other things to toughen him to get rid of the "gay phase." 

All these thoughts and memories came crashing down onto the boy which broke his spirit; Dan was just a broken soul with a broken heart. No one cared for him, no one liked him not even his goddamn parents, no one ever liked having Dan around. Everyone always called him a waste of space or a worthless excuse for a man. All of this never got to Dan, he's always been a very strong person until now; tonight, Dan was broken and he couldn't deal with it anymore. 
He just wanted to be in a place where he could be himself with being judged or hated; a place where being different was encouraged, a place where he was loved. 

The now red and puffy eyed boy got up and went pulled out something from under his bed- something that would ease all his pain, all his problems. 
Dan twisted the top of the small container open with a quiet "pop," revealing the key to the end of his pain. In his hand he held his old medication from he had to get surgery due to a rugby incident; these tiny red tablets were very strong and taking more than 3 could end you. That's all Dan really wanted, he just wanted to end it, he wanted to be happy. 

Before Dan could down all the pills, he hear someone call out to him. 
"Daniel, please don't do it. You have a whole life ahead of you. Please don't." The voice was so calm and soft but it worried the boy since he couldn't recognize the person behind the voice.
"W-who's there?" The boy put the orange container in his pocket before searching his surroundings to find the person talking. 
"Over here Daniel," the voice sounded to be coming from his balcony. 
"I'm calling the cops if you don't tell me who you are!" Dan was starting to get scared, he didn't know this person and he really didn't want to find out but something about the voice appealed to Dan. 
Dan cautiously opened his balcony doors to reveal a boy about his age with a black fringe just like his own. 
"Hi Daniel, I'm Philip but you can call me Phil." The strange boy introduced himself. Dan was still very confused as to why this boy was here but he couldn't deny the fact that Phil was the most beautiful person he's ever met. 
"Wait how do you know my name and why are you out here?" Dan questioned once he wrapped the thought that he didn't know this guy around his head. 
"Well you see Dan, I'm not an ordinary boy; I come to your world whenever someone like you decides that they only have one way out but I'm here to make you feel better. Now come on, I wanna show you something." Phil said outstretching his hand for Dan to take. 
Dan knew better than to trust a complete and utter stranger but this was definitely just a dream so what's the worst thing that could happen? 
Dan smiled at the boy and took his hand. 

All of a sudden Dan and Phil were flying off into the night sky. Flying made Dan feel so free and happy, he never wanted the feeling to end. Of course this was only a dream so he'll probably never get to experience this in real life. 

"Dan I'm going to take you to a place where you are free to do whatever you want and be be whoever you want. A place where dreams are born and time is never planned. How does that sound?" Phil said with a smile.     

"That sounds amazing. Where to?"

"Second star to right and straight on 'til morning!" 

All of a sudden, the two boys were no longer in London since there were to building or towers or city lights anywhere. There were no grey skies or rainy weather; there was sun rays and clear skies something uncommon to London. There was a huge body of water surrounding an island which I presumed were landing. 
"Come one Daniel I have to introduce you to some friends." The black haired boy told me once we landing in the middle of the island. He started to walk so I followed close behind not wanting to get lost. 

Phil moved two huge leaves to unveil a huge tree. 
"Come on they're in here. " Once again I took his hand and he flew us up to the top of the tree well it was more of a tree house. When we were on top, we were greeted by 8 other boys.
"Phil! You're back!" The boys said excitedly. 
"Hey guys! I brought back a friend, his name is Dan!" I awkward let go of Phil's hand not realizing I was still holding on to him and politely said hi to them. 
"Hello Dan! I'm Pj and these guys over here are Chris, 
Troye, Connor, Tyler, Joe, Caspar, and Felix." 

Dan, Phil, and the rest of the boys explored the island, sang, talked, and had so much fun for the whole day. Dan felt like he was finally a part of a loving family. He had the time of his life; he's never been happier, too bad it was only a dream right?

At dusk, Phil pulled me aside from the rest. 
"I'm having the best time ever! Thank you so much for bring me here!"
"You're welcome Daniel. I just have a question for you and you have to promise me to answer me truthfully. "
At this, Dan was growing confused, this was just a dream why was he getting worried?
Dan shook off all the nerves and told Phil to continue. 
"Okay so Dan, I've showed you this place and my question for you is, do you want to stay with the Lost Boys and I? Or do you want to go back home? This is completely up to you. Just keep in mind that I don't do this often; you're something special Dan." 
Phil said with a soft smile. 

The moonlight made Phil's eyes pop out. His blue eyes were so beautiful, they were icy blue yet emerald green with specks of golden yellow; his eyes were truly mesmerizing, anyone could easily get lost in them. 
Without thinking, Dan pressed his lips up to Phil's and whispered,
"I'd love to stay here with you, Phil. Sadly, I'll wake up soon and you'll no longer be real." 
Phil gave Dan a weak smile and brought him into a hug. 
"Before you go, will you do me the honour of accompanying me to one last flight to see the stars?"
"I'd love to." 
Still holding on to Phil, he flew them up around the island. 
The stars were so bright they made the water glisten and look so beautiful. This place was literally a dream come true unfortunately it was all in my head. 
Phil seemed to notice the sudden change in emotion since he asked me if I was okay. 
"Yeah I'm fine. It's just that I never want to forget this place; I never want to forget- well you..."
"Hey Dan, can I tell you a secret?" I nodded and looked into his eyes. 
"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you, that's where I'll be waiting, my dearest Dan." 

The black haired boy gently kissed the younger so lovingly, Dan finally felt loved. It was all Dan ever wanted. Dan was truly happy. 

June 12, 2008- A man named Phil Lester found 17 year-old Daniel Howell outside of his balcony with rope around the boy's neck and an orange pill vial in his pocket. 

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