An essay on marriage


1. Olivia

Love and marriage


Olivia lives in a small town called Greenville in the USA.  She is American now but wasn’t so always.  She was lucky to be born in the USA, first of 3 children. Her dad was a green card holder who worked for the President’s office. Influential and quite wealthy.  He had a lot of wealth in India as his family did business there, a Britisher born in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore.  He went to India and found he had a lot of Indian relatives too.  So Olivia went with him, as he visited all his relatives one by one. Her brother and sister were born in India, when her dad worked for the USA government and was stationed in the city of Hyderabad.  Olivia promised her dad she would sponsor her brother and sister for USA immigration.  The fact that all her relatives, spread around the world were moving to the USA gradually helped them. Her Uncle and aunt in Los Angeles happily said they could stay with them as long as they would like.

So Olivia grew up in sunny California.  Olivia was encouraged to study medicine.  Her dad and relatives paid the fees, as they were by no means poor. So Olivia’s training as a Doctor started at the age of 5. She had fun learning and her Dad moved to Greenville, where ECU is located.  Her Dad had found a job in Greenville and became a citizen. Olivia was 16 when she fell in love with Victor.  Victor moved away only to return 5 years later. Meanwhile she started dating Sam.  When Victor returned , she broke up with Sam and started dating Victor again.  After much soul searching she figured Victor was her soul mate.  Sam later found a girl he liked and who liked him as much as he did her.  Sam and Olivia stayed friends.  Victor was a business man and Olivia trained to be a Doctor for the airline industry. She was pretty enough and it fed her passion for travel. 

She applied for the defence force academy  and signed a 5 year contract.  Being Leo ,  she had a passion for sport and martial arts.  Victor was British Australian.  They decided to marry after Olivia finished her 5 year contract.  They moved to Perth , near New York. 

Olivia and Victor have been married for 20 years now.  Their commitment grows stronger by the day. Olivia’s Dad lives in Bengal, Indiana, in a secure apartment complex.  Her brother is President in a company and her sister married an American.  The entire family has migrated to the USA.  Her Dad lives happily in Indiana where he has plenty of relatives.

Life is like that. You are a kid, you grow up, get married and stay married.  A small percentage divorce. Some stay single.  The rest make compromises in life for long term gain and happiness.  If married life is troublesome, they solve their problems or find coping mechanisms or turn to other family members if they feel neglected, until the situation gets better again.

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