LOST: Echoes of a lost love (A Suliet fanfic)

Set during the events of "The Incident" at the Swan worksite. Sawyer sacrifices himself so he can set off the explosive to reset time. Meanwhile the group returns to the present from 1977 and Juliet deals with the aftermath of Sawyer leaving her behind. *This is AU.*


2. "You're not James"

“Juliet wake up. Open your eyes for me Juliet.”

She thought she’d only been dreaming. That this whole time-traveling thing had been one awful nightmare. Slowly opening her eyes, she found that it was still dark out. Her eyes couldn’t seem to focus on anything. When she heard the voice calling her name again, she frowned. It wasn’t who she was expecting.

“Juliet can you hear me?”

Eyes beginning to clearly focus, her bottom lip began to quiver and she was trying to hold in a sob, but it escaped her parted lips.

“You’re not James…”

She could see pity in Jack’s eyes, something she definitely didn’t want right now. He was examining the bruise that was starting to form on her left cheek and the tiny cut from the split lip Phil had given her.

“Who gave you this Juliet?”

Juliet stayed still but winced as Jack pressed on her left cheek.


Jack shook his head and cleaned up the dried blood on her split lip. She sat and wiped away the salty tears that flowed down her cheeks.

“Well, I don’t feel or see any serious swelling in your cheek which would indicate a broken jaw. Listen Juliet, I’m sorry about James. I know there is nothing I can do to bring him back.”

Juliet looked away from Jack and towards the hole with what was left of the hatch after it had exploded. Could James be stuck under there? Had he traveled back through time with us? Was he still alive? Her heart clenched at the last thought and gasped. This made Jack worried. He continued his thought as he turned her head towards him.

“Juliet, are you hurt anywhere else?”

Bursting into tears, she covered her face with her hands.

“Jack, you don’t understand I have to get off this island.”

Taking her hands in his, Jack pulled them away from her face so that he could see her.

“I know. We all do.”

She was debating on whether to tell him about the baby yet or not. The longer she waited though, the more her life was in danger. She would need injections of her serum sooner rather than later. Continuing his thought Jack still held onto Juliet’s hands.

“You never answered my question Juliet. Are you hurt anywhere else?”

Juliet was too distracted with what was left of the hatch to answer him. It was only when Jack examined a large gash on her right side did she tense and look up at him.

“Ouch. Jack be careful.”

Frowning, Jack pressed around the wound and then poured a little cold water on it.

“This gash isn’t too bad. Nothing a couple of stitches won’t fix. What I’m more concerned about is how rigid your abdomen is. What’s going on there? Does something else hurt?”

Juliet shut her eyes momentarily and then opened them up again.

“I’m pregnant.”

There it was again in Jack’s eyes, pity. But sympathy rode it in waves this time. Jack still in doctor mode nodded and continued cleaning the large gash on her side.

“How far along are you?”

Letting out a strangled sigh, she turned her eyes towards the hatch ‘crater’.

“6 weeks. I’ve only known for a few days. Sew me up and let’s get on with this. I’ve got to get James out of that hole down there.”

Jack understood what Juliet was going through. Her heart was broken and it was weeping. Or rather Jack tried to understand. He’d never lost anyone he loved to anything like this.

“After we bury him Juliet, you and I are making a trip to the medical station. I just want to make sure the baby is ok.”

She nodded but Jack wasn’t sure she’d heard him. Juliet was too focused on the hatch ‘crater’ 50 feet from her. Tears still staining her face as they fell down her pale cheeks, she imagined digging James out from under the rubble of the hatch. He was still alive and they’d all go home. She began attempting to sit up as Jack finished the last stitch.

“I have to get to James. I have to get him out of there. Can somebody help me dig?”

She’d gotten to her feet, but was unsteady. She waited for a few seconds until she regained her balance then moved forward. Climbing down into the ‘crater’ she made her way over 
to the large piles of debris that stood before her. She frantically began pulling fragments of metal and throwing them in every direction. She wasn’t leaving this ‘crater’ until she got James out. She’d dig until her fingers began to bleed if she had to.

To Be Continued…

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