LOST: Echoes of a lost love (A Suliet fanfic)

Set during the events of "The Incident" at the Swan worksite. Sawyer sacrifices himself so he can set off the explosive to reset time. Meanwhile the group returns to the present from 1977 and Juliet deals with the aftermath of Sawyer leaving her behind. *This is AU.*


6. The cost of being wrong

“James where are we going?”

Juliet was becoming very flustered with James because apparently he was playing a game of charades with her. He put his index finger to his lips to quiet her. She knew that she would need to soak her feet soon. Pushing through the thick underbrush, she found herself standing on the edge of the Lagoon. I haven’t been here in 6 years. Turning to James, Juliet smiled.

“How did you know where the lagoon was James? I used to go swimming here on really hot days.”

She was too busy admiring the view of the lagoon to notice arms had pinned her from behind and soon she found her head under water. Struggling to keep her head above water, Juliet felt herself beginning to panic. She would lose consciousness soon and then water would fill her lungs meaning it was the end of the line. The more she fought to get to the surface, the more tired she became. Another pair of hands grabbed for her shoulders and felt as if they’d flung her in mid-air before she realized she’d hit the muddy ground with a thud. Shielding her stomach with her arms she let out a groan as the wind was knocked out of her. Disoriented and trying to figure out who’d brought her up from her watery grave, she found her vision was blurry. Blurred images of two men fighting was all she saw. She tried to find her voice, but it was hoarse.


She instantly froze when she heard the ticking of the black smoke monster. A black blur rushed past her and she did the only thing she could think of to protect herself and her baby, she rolled up in the fetal position as best she could and stayed as still as she could.

“Juliet? Are you alright?”

Juliet coughed and tried to catch her breath. She felt Jack’s helping hands against her shoulders.

“Easy. Easy Juliet. Slow deep breaths now. Just relax. Does anything hurt?”

Shrugging her shoulders slightly Juliet stayed rolled up until she felt Jack’s hands on hers. She was still disoriented, but she let him move her hands and arms away from her stomach so that he could examine her.

“I think I had a contraction. Probably from falling down.”

Jack nodded his head and put a hand on her shoulder.

“If you’ve had a contraction Juliet, I need you to stay absolutely still. Let’s just wait this out for a few minutes. If you don’t have anymore, I’ll help you up ok?”

Putting a hand to her face, Juliet let out a slight whimper. I’m four months pregnant, I don’t need this right now! Taking a breath, she uncovered her face and sat still. She must look a mess. She knew her hair was caked in drying mud as was the rest of her. She stared up at the azure blue sky and waited patiently. I should’ve known better than to follow the black smoke monster. Why had he disguised himself as James though? He was preying on my emotions, my grief for him still raw and exposed, he picked a face I knew I would trust. What’s next? Rachel? Or my nephew Julian? Twenty minutes had gone by and nothing had happened. Placing a left hand over her belly, Juliet looked down at it and sighed and relief.

“I think they’ve stopped. Could’ve just been Braxton and Hicks too. I know that look Jack. Bed rest for me for a few days. Just to make sure everything is ok.”

Giving a flustered sigh, Juliet took Jack’s hand and lifted herself to her feet. Taking a few steps forward, she realized she’d left the beach without any shoes. It wasn’t until they were almost back to the beach that she noticed Kate was with them.

“When did you get here?”

Kate gave Juliet a sympathetic look and kept walking.

“I came with Jack. I stayed with you while Jack fought off the black smoke monster. If you ever need to talk Juliet, I’m here.”

Normally, Juliet wouldn’t have minded having Kate around, but right now she found it irritating.

“I’m fine Kate. I should really get back to my laundry.”

Jack put a hand around Juliet’s wrist and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about that right now. You need to get some rest.”

Kate didn’t take offense to Juliet’s words, she only downplayed it and smiled.

“I’ve taken care of your laundry Juliet. It’s hanging up to dry. If you need anything else, just let me know.”

Maybe what she needed was a cat-nap. That always worked wonders. At least in the last few weeks that is. Making her way back into her 
shelter, she pulled the tarp down over the entryway and settled herself onto the blanket on the sandy floor below. As she tried to get into a comfortable position she muttered to herself.

“What I wouldn’t give for my bed right now.”

As her eyes drifted closed, her mind went over the events of the last few hours. Why is the black smoke monster toying with me? I hope 
James shows up soon, I need to feel his touch. Her dreams weren’t filled with joyous reunions of James with his arms wrapped around her growing belly, instead they were filled with her anguished cries, and a distant wailing of a baby that was not in the world yet.

To Be Continued…

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