LOST: Echoes of a lost love (A Suliet fanfic)

Set during the events of "The Incident" at the Swan worksite. Sawyer sacrifices himself so he can set off the explosive to reset time. Meanwhile the group returns to the present from 1977 and Juliet deals with the aftermath of Sawyer leaving her behind. *This is AU.*


10. ‘I make the decisions here not you.’

“I make the decisions here not you!”

Juliet was livid as she glared Ben down. He only sat and watched everything unfolding in front of him.

“You are going to make a wonderful mother Juliet.”

Shaking her head, she tried getting up from the bed. But found her feet were being kept in place by rope.

“What the hell is this? Untie me right now! You have no right to hold me here like this!”

She was surprised to see that her hands weren’t tied together. They were lying atop her belly. Ben was sitting next to the cot and his hand
was reaching for Juliet’s. Fixing a glare on him, she wrapped her arms protectively over herself.

“You so much as even try to put a hand on my stomach, you’ll regret it.”

Wincing a bit, Juliet now turned her attention to Erica Stevens who was down by her feet.

“Juliet I need you to stay still. This baby is coming whether you like it or not.”

Juliet attempted to sit up once more clear denial written across her pretty features. Mouth slack and wide open, she tried to get her words out.

“How? How long?”

Erica Stevens frowned and sat back on a wooden crate she was using as a kind of stool.

“At least another 16 hours. I need you to relax and stay still.”

Juliet smirked and kept her arms crossed over her stomach.

“First time births take much longer than that. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? You seem a little nervous. How many babies have you delivered?”

Maybe I do have the upper hand on this situation. Continuing to smirk, Juliet stared Erica down and took a breath.


She had to strain to hear what she’d said. Juliet felt like boring holes into this woman’s forehead. So she really has no idea what she’s doing? Great.

“Two? You must’ve just finished your residency and are starting out in the field. Let me guess; you would like me to walk you through the motions right?”

Erica sat on the wooden crate and shifted nervously.

“Well I figured you wouldn’t mind since Ben told me about all the great work you’re doing here on the island. Delivering your baby would be my first shot at being in the spotlight here.”

She wanted the limelight? I don’t even want that for myself. My job is to help the women on this island. Turning her head off to the side,
Juliet saw Jack begin to stir on the sandy ground beneath him.

“Juliet, what happened? Are you alright?”

Juliet could just reach for his hand.

“Jack you have to stop them. They’ve induced labor. They are essentially plunging me into dangerous territory. I’m still several weeks’ shy of when the baby could even survive outside my body.”

Sitting up with a groan, Jack took in his surroundings and his eyes narrowed when they found Ben next to him.

“What did you do to her Ben?”

Ben sat stony-faced and watched Juliet. Jack became disgusted at his words that came tumbling out of his mouth.

“That baby is coming Jack, whether Juliet wants to deliver her now or not. The child rightfully belongs to me.”

Jack saw that his hands were tied and looked Ben in the eye.

“Untie me right now Ben. I need to examine her.”

Ben still sat, defiant of Jack’s words.


Jack’s anger grew, and with it he did his best to tug against the rope holding his wrists together.

“If you don’t untie me, she and that baby will both die! Do you understand how grave the situation is now?”

Ben’s face grew pale. He hadn’t thought about the consequences. He’d only thought about the baby girl he’d be getting out of the deal. He
really hadn’t thought about what it might do to Juliet. Relenting, Ben shook his head and then turned his attention to Erica sitting on the crate. She was organizing all the supplies she had on hand for the impending delivery.

“I need you to stop what you are doing Erica. That is an order. We’ll have to figure out some other way to do this. Another time.”

Jack had somehow managed to free himself from the rope tied around his wrists. He all but dragged Ben out of Juliet’s shelter and threw him to the sand. Some of the other survivors rushed towards the pair, Jin and Kate bringing up the rear, with Sayid trailing a bit behind them. Kate was the first to speak.

“Jack? What’s going on? Why was Ben in Juliet’s tent?”

Jack grabbed Ben by the collar and spoke up.

“I’ll tell you why he was in Juliet’s tent: there’s 6 more of them in there, and a woman who was attempting to deliver her baby. Ben was going to take the baby from Juliet without her even knowing.”

A scream from the tent made the hairs on Jack’s arms stand straight up. He knew that something was wrong.

“Sayid, watch Ben!”

Rushing back into the tent, he pushed Erica aside and saw a very frightened Juliet lying back on the cot, breathing heavily. Anger simmered just below the surface and Erica could see that in Jack’s features.

“Why are her feet still tied down? Untie her now!”

Jack now noticed that Juliet was talking to someone.

“I can’t do this alone James.”

James sat on the edge of the cot, his left hand running through her knotted blond curls.

“Don’t you worry about a thing blondie. The doc will patch you all up. The baby’s going to be just fine.”

She shook her head and more tears rolled down her cheeks. James kept stroking her cheek and wiped her tears away.

“I can’t do this James. I can’t breathe.”

James planted a kiss to her belly and then one to her forehead.

“Yes you can baby. Just breathe.”

Jack saw something sparkle on her left hand and stared at her ring finger. Juliet spoke to James, but she was still out of breath.

“I can’t do this right now. She can’t come right now. It’s too soon… I don’t want to lose her…”

James shook his head and gave her a concerned look.

“The docs gonna patch you up there sweetheart. Baby’s gonna be just fine. See you found yer ring there blondie. It ain’t too sparkly, but I hope you like it.”

Tears still streamed down Juliet’s face as she nodded.

“I found it in your shirt pocket. When were you going to ask me to marry you?”

Juliet covered her mouth as she heard James response.

“It was supposed to be a surprise. I was gonna pop the question next Thursday. Ring looks good on you blondie.”

Swallowing she closed her eyes and when she opened them, James had disappeared.

“Please don’t leave me now James…”

Jack sat back on his knees not sure of what to make of Juliet’s conversation with thin air. He simply believed she was talking to herself. But then again, this was the island, and there were some very strange things that went on.

To Be Continued…

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