LOST: Echoes of a lost love (A Suliet fanfic)

Set during the events of "The Incident" at the Swan worksite. Sawyer sacrifices himself so he can set off the explosive to reset time. Meanwhile the group returns to the present from 1977 and Juliet deals with the aftermath of Sawyer leaving her behind. *This is AU.*


4. A broken heart isn't so easy to mend

Juliet was taking a walk down the beach aimlessly. She didn’t know where she was going, with no intended destination planned she kept walking. Letting the surf wash up to her bare feet. Picking up a stick lying in the wet sand, she threw it into the ocean. She was frustrated and tired. Hearing Jack’s voice she ignored it and walk towards the tree line.

“Juliet, you should eat something.”

Sitting down on a flat rock sticking out of the sand, Juliet pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. As she watched the waves crash against the shoreline, her mind went to the day the others came back. She’d been watching as Kate and Jack exited his house together. She couldn’t quite explain what she was feeling for Jack. Was she jealous that Kate was with him? In the back of her mind she knew she was. But she was with James. She loved him. She would always feel some kind of love for Jack, but not what she had with James. Jack took a seat next to her and placed a hollowed out coconut shell into her hands filled with boar meat and some banana.

“What? No vegetables?”

Jack cracked a smile and took a seat next to her. Popping a piece of meat into her mouth with her fingers, Juliet sighed. She was eating for her baby. But she had to be absolutely honest with herself, she had to eat for her too. For the both of them. A part of her had died the day James had falling down the hatch hole and it brought about an aching in her chest that she couldn’t quite describe well enough to Jack. Jack spied the dark circles under her eyes and he knew that Juliet wasn’t getting much sleep.

“Are you getting much sleep at night Juliet? I’m asking because you look like you’re about to fall asleep in your plate of food.”

Juliet stopped mid-chew on her piece of banana and about spit it from her mouth when she saw a figure standing by the tree line. She wasn’t sure what made her look in that direction, but something was telling her to look up. She let out a choked sob and stood up, placing the coconut shell on the ground.


Jack followed behind her and called out.

“Juliet, what’s wrong?”

Juliet continued towards what she perceived as James, her eyes tearing up as she did so. She was on the verge of breaking down again, but she held back another sob as she spoke to James.

“Why did you leave me here? You just left us here!”

Now she was yelling, and it caused Jack to step in front of her, his concerned eyes searching her blue eyes.

“Juliet let’s just calm down. Tell me what you’re seeing right now. Who are you seeing?”

Juliet wanted to scoff at Jack and then yell at him too. Wasn’t it obvious?

“James is right their Jack. Can’t you see him?”

Jack shook his head no and look towards the tree line. He saw nothing but trees.

“I’m sorry Juliet, I don’t see anyone there. Maybe your more tired than you thought?”

Juliet exploded in anger at that moment. Emotions running their course and she began to pace. Curling her fists, she looked Jack straight in the eye.

“You’re lying Jack! He’s right there! Why would I lie about that? How can you not see him?”

She continued to stare at James’ figure standing at the tree line. He only shook his head at her and gave a sigh.

“You’re the only one that can see me blondie. I ain’t here for the doc.”

Juliet’s face blanched, but she kept pacing. She felt her breath quicken. Jack put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey. Hey. Juliet look at me. You’re having a panic attack; I need you to relax.”

A panic attack? She’d never had one of those in her life. Breathe? What did he think she was doing anyways?

“Why don’t you believe me Jack?”

Swallowing, she took another step forward and tried to reach for James. She’s spent the last month and a half keeping everything pent up inside. But today, she let the cork go and the river of tears began to flow again.

“You weren’t supposed to leave the two of us!”

She continued to reach for James and Jack pulled her into his arms. He was surprised at how strong she was. He wasn’t quite sure how he could help her. But she needed help. This was giving way to depression.

“Everything is going to be ok Juliet. Just relax.”

Jack had to figure out a way to calm her down. She was almost beyond hysterical, something he’d never seen before. But she wasn’t handling any of this well. He looked towards the 
tree line where she was still trying to reach for James. Juliet was still trying to convince Jack he was there. She kept repeating her words over and over again.

“He’s right there Jack… He’s right there… How can you not see him…?”

Sighing, all Jack could do was hold onto her until she calmed down.

To Be Continued…

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