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  • Published: 19 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2016
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A story about family values, adoption,love,torment,care and life unexpected.


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 They were last year at the university. He was in the medicine department, she-in the law one. They couldn't live without each other and often dream about their future-careers and so on. They were both ambitious. The young man was tall,slender,with warm brown eyes and the young woman had deep blue eyes like mountain lakes and long sort of curly hair.

-When we graduate, we will marry and in good and bad we will be always together!-murmured the man while tenderly hugged the love of his life.

The end of the semester was knocking on the door.


                                                                                        . . .


A cold December night,when the first snow-flakes were spinning in a crazy dance,she rushed into his room,excited and scared. He looked her with a worry:

-What's the matter?

-I am.......PREGNANT!-a bit ashamed said she

He sprang off the books-scattered bed and caressed her hair:

-Don't worry, I am with you!

She didn't replied. Thought only what they were going to do from now on and that their plans are falling apart. She thought the baby messes up everything.

Seemed like he has guessed her thoughts:

-I have a colleague,future gynecologist, I'll call him and everything will be alright.

She continued to be silent,cuddled only in her old coat.


                                                                                        . . .


 Days went fast and painful because he found the truth. They were both busy with the exams and didn't noticed when the spring came. They decided to give the baby for an adoption,without ever telling their parents.

In April, she gave birth to a girl. A wealthy gypsy in the neighborhood had no children and wanted so much to have one. The same night the young man and woman took a taxi to the gypsy woman's house and after a little tears and torment, they gave the baby girl to be part of a new life.


                                                                                        . . .


 Years passed since that night. She was a successful lawyer and he worked in a science institute. They were still so in love with each other. The only emptiness in their common life was the lack of a child. After that unwanted pregnancy, the desired child hasn't come yet. They were advised to adopt a child but they felt unhappy even by the thought of it. Nights were unbearable. She was praying but somehow she was feeling God punishes her for what she did years ago.


                                                                                        . . .


 One day she went to the house and waited long,hidden in the bushes nearby. Then the neighbors she questioned told her the family moved a couple of years ago. That's why the young woman was decisive to track down the girl she gave for an adoption to the gypsy woman.

After numerous difficulties, she found out where the girl goes to school and one day waited for her by the school fence. When she saw her going out the building, the woman wanted to stretch hands and to hug her but she managed herself not to do it.

Later that day, the lawyer met with the adoptive parents. The gypsy woman was kind and told her the girl is everything the family has and that she forgot long ago that she's not the girl's real mother. Then let her saw the grown-up baby girl:

-Not she but I am your mother. We were young with your father, with no job and money and when you unexpectedly came into this world,we gave you to these people. Now we'd like you to come back to us, you'll live in a nice apartment and will have absolutely everything. I know it will be difficult for you at the beginning, but …

The girl's eyes showed anger and her lips trembled:

-My mother is a gypsy and I am not ashamed about that. I love her with whole my heart. To me you are a stranger, I don't know you and frankly don't need to see you again!

After that, the girl went somewhere. The gypsy woman was crying in large tears and also went somewhere without looking back.

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