In Each Other's Minds

Seventeen, young, and highly responsible — Max Chaumond found himself in a situation which he never dreamed of. He read books, but he could clearly distinguish what's fictional and what's not. He is also a realistic person — never believed in magic — but what happened to him made him question his own beliefs.

Almost seventeen, spontaneous, and also responsible — Macy Young loved adventures but she never imagined something like this to happen. She loved thinking about anything out-of-this-world, but she knew that they weren't possible. What she didn't know is that impossible things would happen to her.


1. Chapter One: Wish Granted


"I'm going to school now, maman," Maximilien approached his mother and pecked her cheek. Smiling, she fixed Maximilien's necktie and said, "It's your senior year now so you have to do your best."

          "You don't have to worry about that because you know that I always do." He opened the door and waved his arm good-bye. He heard his mother shout "Au revoir!" just as he stepped on the sidewalk. Max walked going to school since it was very near, only 10 minutes away. He saw an old woman attempting to cross the street with heavy bags. He thought that since school would start at 7:30 and it was still 6:45, he still had time to help the lady.

           He approached the woman saying, "Please, let me help you," whilst holding out his hand in order to grab the bags. He carried those with ease, and they reached the other end of the pedestrian lane successfully. 

          "Young man, how polite of you to do that. Thank you," she beamed. To Max's surprise, she motioned for him to lean closer and spoke in a low voice, "See, boy, I want to repay you for that act of kindness. What's your greatest wish?"

          Thinking that this question was just a joke, Maximilien shrugged and said, "I don't know, meeting my soulmate maybe?" He laughed, but his laugh faltered as soon as he caught sight of the old woman's serious expression.

          The woman smiled and said, "Sure, if that's what you want."

          Max tried to protest and say that this was just a joke and he's perfectly contented with his life now—  but he failed, since the old woman held his hand and mumbled a few words while their conjoined hands were faintly glowing blue. Afterwards, the woman let go of his hand and proceeded to carry her bags.

         He looked at her with utmost confusion and asked, "That's it? Where is my soulmate then?" He laughed afterwards thinking that the woman only tried to make him laugh.

         "Oh just wait boy, you can't expect your soulmate to suddenly appear— I'm no magician you see, I'm not playing tricks. Be patient; for my methods are different from what you expect. Bye and thanks, boy. See you." She grabbed her bags and turned around the corner of the street. Maximilien stood there, stunned. He decided to shrug it off and went to attend his classes.

         School was never a bore for him he looked forward to seeing his group of friends (Kate, Asher, and Blanca) and classes weren't dull ("Of course they weren't dull for you, you'd always get top marks!" Blanca once said.)

        He told them about his encounter with the old lady awhile ago, and they were shocked. "Maybe it was actually a joke, you know?" Kate suggested. "A joke? You sure about that, Kate? Their hands were glowing! How's that supposed to be a joke, huh? I bet she actually had magic powers." Asher said.

      "Ooooo, if so, who would be your soulmate then? I bet it's—" Blanca got interrupted by Kate saying, "Oh, piss off! This is just a joke!"

       "Take a chill pill, Kate. I was just joking." She turned her head to Asher and said, "Don't be dumb, the old lady probably had a device attached to her hand that would light up when touch, yeah?"

        They all agreed with Blanca's speculation and proceeded with eating their lunch. Kate told them about how she managed to arrange her bedroom in less than thirty minutes. "Oh of course it would take less time arranging your room Kate, it's not even messy to begin with."

        Asher, in an attempt to prevent the two girls from arguing, pulled out a box from under the table. "Here are fortune cookies that I bought at a Chinese restaurant earlier, thought we'd have some fun with it." he said. "Wow, let me have one," Blanca grabbed a cookie and so did Kate, Asher, and Max himself.

        Max broke the cookie, grabbed the piece of paper, and read it aloud: "You will find your soulmate in a very unexpected way." He stared at his friends (who were silent at the moment) and he burst out laughing, so did they. "Wow, the universe is doing a really great job at messing with me!" He exclaimed.

       "Whatever," Kate said, and they continued with their merrymaking.


Max's life went on as usual-- he passed by a lot of girls who were waving at him (and he waved back), listened intently during Biology, and more. He and Blanca walked home together, since their houses were right beside each other.

        "Why don't we ever walk to school together, Max?" Blanca asked.

        "I don't know, maybe ask your alarm clock for not waking  you up early enough." He replied.

       Silence followed as Blanca was checking her phone for some messages, but--

      "What's wrong with me? Am I not enough?!"

       Maximilien heard a voice which was not his own, or Blanca's. He stopped walking, looked around, and continued. "What's wrong?" Blanca seemed to notice Max's actions.

       "Did you hear that?" Max asked. Blanca gave him a puzzled look and before she even said anything, Max knew that the answer was no. "It was a girl's voice, said something like, 'What's wrong with me?' or whatever." He added. He gazed at the sky and thought for a moment. There aren't many school works to do, so he isn't stressed. So what would explain this sudden event?

      "I bet it was a line from a TV show or a movie that you recently watched. Or, I don't know, maybe you're just hungry?" She suggested. This wasn't very peculiar to Blanca, since they often did jokes like pretending to not hear a single thing, and stuff like that. She thought that this was one of their practical jokes, so she didn't take him seriously.

       "I think so too. But I really heard someone." Max said. "Maybe it's one of our neighbors when we passed by, but how could you not hear it?"

        "Oh, sometimes, when you focus on your phone too much, you can't pay attention to your surroundings that much. So yes, maybe I just didn't hear it." She replied.

        Max nodded. When they arrived in Blanca's house, Max gave her a little hug, said "A plus tard!" ("See you later!") and went to his own house.

       That night, when Maximilien Chaumond was about to close his eyes and go to sleep, he heard a distinct voice saying, "Is there something wrong with me?"

      This time, he was certain. That was the voice that he heard hours ago, but how?

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