Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Miranda


A simple word that holds different meanings to many people across the world. To some this is what they strive for; this is exactly what they want in life. To others it is simply something that seems silly or unattainable. There are people who were born for fame; the charismatic and outspoken people. There are people who don't even want to begin to see the spotlight.

Follow Lena Hamilton navigate her overnight success from being a world class gymnast to an A-list movie star. Follow as she finds both herself and the love of her life Lin-Manuel Miranda.


5. Chapter 4

“Great show everyone! Another fantastic one for the books! You all know how much I adore all of you for all that you do around this crazy place. And of course a special thanks to Lena and Lin for taking the time out of their day’s to share a little bit of their lives with us.” Stephen thanked the crew that worked the show today. I smiled and curtseyed when everyone started clapping.


“From Lena and I both,” Lin started speaking, “Sincerely the greatest of thank you’s for everything you’ve done for us both today.”


I nodded my head, “It clearly wouldn’t be possible with all you guys! Thanks for everyone who calmed me down.” I smiled.


Everyone broke for the night and David came over to me and pulled me in for a giant hug, “You never cease to amaze me sweet thing!”


“Did I do okay? I don’t remember most of it.” I started laughing.


“Okay? You did amazing! You were even kind of funny.”


I did a mini dance as we walked back to the dressing rooms. I didn’t notice Lin behind us until I started hearing him snickering. I face palmed myself, of course he was right there.


“Careful, with moves like those you might be cast in my next musical.” He winked at me as he ducked into his dressing room.


“Oh you wish Lin.” I started laughing from his doorway.


He shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe I do.”


“Right. Have a good night Mr. Miranda.”


He furrowed his eyebrows, “Hearing that from you really makes me feel like I’m 50 years old or something.”


“Aren’t you nearly there?”


He gasped and placed his hand on his heart dramatically.


I started cracking up, “Kidding of course! Night Lin.”


“Wait! We need a picture. I want to post it on the Twitter!”


I smiled at his request, “If you insist…” I looked out into the hall, “Hey David? Could you take a picture of me and Lin?”


“Wedding photo’s already?” David joked.


I scoffed at him and Lin handed his phone to him. Although I admit I’m not the tallest person on the planet, standing at 5’4”, I liked that Lin was still a lot taller than me in heels. It was comforting. He wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me close to him. Not even going to lie to myself, he smelled damn good. David stood there and took close to 50 pictures before finally handing Lin back his phone.


“Can I see if there’s a good one?” I asked Lin, as he was about to put his phone away.


“Por supuesto!” He said back quickly.


I gave him a confused look; “Somehow, even spending a couple hours with you, I still don’t know Spanish.”


He smiled and he pulled his phone back out and we went through his camera roll. Most of the pictures were actually pretty good. There was one that was my particular favorite. We were both cracking up and looking at each other because we both yelled at David to stop taking ‘so many damn pictures.’


“Hey Lin, would you mind sending me this one?” I pointed at the picture.


He smiled and his eyes crinkled up, “Sure thing. Would you want me to post that one to the Twitter?” He asked as he handed me his phone so that I could put my number in it.


“Uh, you should post one where we are just looking at the camera… it’s easier to decipher the picture.”


He nodded and started messing around on his phone, “Just sent you the picture. Oh! What’s your Twitter handle?”




“Rose? Is that your middle name?”


“You caught me!”


“Lena Rose Hamilton.” He repeated to himself under his breath, “That’s a pretty name.” He smiled at me.


I shrugged my shoulders, “It’s possibly the girliest name on the planet but it’s fine I suppose.”


“Maybe, but it’s still pretty.”


My phone buzzed and I saw a notification from @Lin_Manuel on Twitter.



Still not entirely convinced @Leni_Rose isn’t related to Alexander Hamilton. Either way she made my day pretty fun J


Attached to the tweet was a sweet looking picture of Lin and I smiling, looking pretty cozy, “Nice Tweet.” I said putting my phone away.


He winked at me, “Before you go.” He said as I was walking out the door.


“What’s up?” I asked as I spun around.


“Have you seen Hamilton?”


I shook my head, “Afraid not. Don’t tell the writer, but I haven’t even listened to the soundtrack yet.”


He put his hand on his heart again and shook his head, “Now you’re really just doing yourself a disservice.”


“Tell me about it! I’m not completely terrible though I do have it downloaded. I was planning on listening to it this trip actually.”


“Good idea, but I might have an even better one.”


I raised my eyebrows, “And what’s this grand idea?”


“You should go see Hamilton with me.” He gave me a cheeky smile.


“What? Hell yeah! But aren’t tickets like sold out until 2020?”


“No! Only until 2019, get yo facts straight,” He moved closer to me, “Come on Lena, you don’t think I can get tickets to the show that I created?”


I narrowed my eyebrows at him, “We won’t be taking anybody’s seats?”




“Then I’d love to join you.”


“Great! What day? I heard you were on The Tonight Show on Friday so that wouldn’t be a good day I assume.”


I nodded my head, “Yessir. Any other time would be good.”

“Does Thursday evening work?”


“That would be wonderful.”


By this point we were mere inches away from each other. I blushed and backed off a little bit. What was this man doing to me?


He smiled, “Dinner before?”


“Depends on the kind of food…”




“Oh my God yes!” I jumped up and down, “But not like the super fancy pizza right?”


He crinkled his face, “No way. Only the most greasy pizza joint in the city.”


“A man after my own heart.” I said out loud before my brain could process what I was saying.


He laughed, “G’night Lena. You really do look quite beautiful right now.”


“Night Lin and thank you. See you Thursday!” I said while walking out.


“It’s a date!” He shouted.


I backed up to the door, “It’s a date?”


“It’s a date.” He smiled.


“It’s a date!” I smiled back at him. I waved bye and walked quickly to my dressing room.


I put my head in my hands as I sat down. That was not very smooth Lena. I laughed to myself and looked at the picture he sent me and smiled. The two people in the picture looked elated to be in each other’s company.


I undressed quickly back into my black leggings and sweater. I slid on my comfy tennis shoes and packed up all of my stuff. I looked at my phone and it was nearing 9 PM.


“It’s a date?” David walked into the room and wiggled his eyebrows at me.


“Can you believe it? He wants to on a date with me!” I gushed at David.


“He’s a lucky guy Lena. You’re a catch sweet thing.” He patted me on the head as he helped gather my things, “Ready?”


I nodded my head, “Thanks David.”


“Anytime. Let’s go.”

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