Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Miranda


A simple word that holds different meanings to many people across the world. To some this is what they strive for; this is exactly what they want in life. To others it is simply something that seems silly or unattainable. There are people who were born for fame; the charismatic and outspoken people. There are people who don't even want to begin to see the spotlight.

Follow Lena Hamilton navigate her overnight success from being a world class gymnast to an A-list movie star. Follow as she finds both herself and the love of her life Lin-Manuel Miranda.


4. Chapter 3

“Damn Lena!” David exclaims as he runs over to me and grasps my shoulders, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this put together. That dress is literal perfection, I’m so happy the stylists picked out the gold sequined dress.”


I stuck my tongue out at him and lightly pushed him away from him, “And did you see how much work they had to put in…”


“Oh hush Lena,” Ellie chimed in, “You were easy, it only took so long because of Lin and Stephen constantly interrupting.”


I heard Lin giggle from across the room, “If you can’t have a little bit of fun wherever you go, then what’s the point? By the way Lena, Te ves muy hermosa, very beautiful.” He smiled at me.


“Oh, thank you.” I said softly and turned back to David with my cheeks ablaze. There was something so infatuating about Lin. He was goofy but suave and both hilarious but serious. I didn’t know how to exactly describe him at this point in time.


David raised his eyebrows, “I hate to compliment Lena so many times in one sitting but I’d have to agree with you, quite beautiful.” I punched him in the shoulder and gave him a hug.


Cassidy showed up at the door, “Lena! You ready to go through a walkthrough?”


“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I smiled at her and walked over to where she was standing.


“Can I come to?” I heard Lin shout from behind me. This made me crack a smile.


“Sure.” Cassidy said quickly before motioning for us to follow her.


I started walking out the door before I felt a hand on my elbow, “Hi!” Lin said to me as he pulled me along to follow Cassidy through the many corridors.


“Hey.” I smiled back at him.


“So where are you from?” He asked nonchalantly.


“Originally from Ohio, currently living in Los Angeles.”


“Wow. That’s quite the move.” He replied quickly.


I looked over at him, “Yeah. Gotta go where the jobs call. I miss Ohio though. LA is just so different than what I’m used to.”

“Oh I can imagine,” He laughed, “I’ve never been to Ohio.”


“Well, I can say that you’re not missing too much. If you’ve ever been to rural New York that’s what the vast majority of Ohio looks like.” I laughed.


Just as Lin was about to reply we were interrupted by Cassidy, “Stephen is right through that hallway in the theatre. You’re welcome to join them Mr. Miranda.”


“Call me Lin! And thank you.” He said and pulled me along with him.


“Stephen!” Lin sang as we entered the theatre.


“Not you again,” He rolled his eyes and cracked a smile, “Lena, you weren’t supposed to bring him with you.”


I nodded my head, “I couldn’t help it! He kind of just invited himself along.” I snickered.


Lin gave me a look, “I just wanted to help. Plus I’m bored. Not much is happening on the Twitter.” He gave us a dramatic sigh.


“Fine,” Stephen motioned for him to sit down in front of the set, “Be an audience member and tell both of us what you think. Does that work for you?”


“I suppose.” He said dramatically and went to sit down in the front row of the audience.


“Don’t be nervous Lena. Really, these people are here to see you! They want to see what you have to say and what you’re like in real life.” Stephen said to be as he motioned for me to sit down on the leather chair next to his desk.


“Hey!” Lin shouted from the audience, “And me. Mostly Lena but me as well.”


“And of course Lin!” I said back to him and smiled.


“Okay. So I went through my notes and it looks like you gave the go ahead to talk about anything… Even past relationships?” He raised his eyebrows.


I laughed, “Yeah I guess. I haven’t really dated too much. Gymnastics took up about 99% of my time. And the other 1% I was likely sleeping.”


“Perfect answer. See you already have it down!” Stephen said. I heard Lin clapping in the audience.


“Bravo madam! Bravo!” Lin shouted out.


I gave them a curtsey, “So wait, am I supposed to look at you or the audience?” I asked seriously.


Stephen smiled, “Try and interact with both. Try and get them involved in the stories and what not. Don’t stress about that too much.”


I smiled and nodded. And thought to myself that maybe I would be all right.




“Everybody, please give it up for Lena Hamilton!”


Now or never, I took a deep breath and started walking towards the stage. My nerves vanished like they did when I was about to start a routine. A brilliant smile spread across my face as I walked across the stage towards Stephen. I looked all around and gave a few waves to some people who were waving at me. Stephen greeted me and led me over to the chair as he took a seat and we waited for the audience’s roar to slowly calm down.


“Lena! So fantastic to have you here.”


I looked around and cracked a smile, “It’s so wonderful to be here. Thank you for having me.”


“How have you been?”


“Oh gosh. I’ve been pretty busy.” I admitted


“I think we noticed!” He chuckled, “What all have you been working on?”


“Right after the Olympics…” As I said this a roar of applause erupted in the theatre, “thank you so much!” I laughed and waited for everyone to stop clapping, “Well, right after the Olympics I came back and almost immediately went into filming a couple of episodes on Modern Family, which was an absolute blast. I also just wrapped up filming for Orange is the New Black just a few days ago actually.” I smiled.


“Now that sounds like it was fun. How do you like it?”


“Oh I absolutely adore it! I’ve spent almost my entire life in the gym doing gymnastics, so to be given the opportunity to do something so completely different and so out of my comfort zone is just incredible. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now in this moment.”


He nodded his head, “Keep working hard and the world is what you can make of it. Speaking of the Olympics, how was that experience.”


“You know, it was easily the craziest experience of my life. If you asked me to give you specific details I don’t think I could. It was such a blur of emotions and lot’s of crying.” I smiled as the crowd cheered some more.


“You actually received three gold medals and one silver medal?”


“I did! I got the gold in the team competition, the uneven bars and the balance beam. And I also received the silver in the all-around competition.” Another round of applause, “Thank you so much!” I smiled.


“Damn.  Excuse my language but that’s impressive. Am I right?” Another eruption of the crowd.


I giggled, “Thank you guys so much! I had a really great couple of days of competition.” I sank down into my seat, not used to so many compliments.


“Any future plans?”


I nodded my head; “Actually I just signed on to play a leading role in the Deadpool 2.”


“What! That’s amazing.”

“It’s pretty exciting. We start filming in a few weeks. I really couldn’t be more excited!” I gushed.


After a few more questions and a lot of laughing he was nearing the end of my interview.


“Well Ms. Hamilton it was wonderful to have you on here. Speaking of Hamilton,” He gave me a mischievous grin, “We are in New York City, you have heard of the play Hamilton?”


I raised my eyebrows and laughed, “I have! What’s it to you Mr. Colbert?” I retorted back.


“You’re last name seems awfully suspicious…” He started to say before the crowd interrupted in another applause.


“I have never gotten that question before today,” I started laughing, “But today I’ve been asked twice if I’m a descendent of Alexander Hamilton.”


“When in New York!” He exclaimed, “Well are you?”


I laughed, “Not that I am aware of.”




“I haven’t done much research on my ancestors,” I admitted, “But like I said before, if I were related to Hamilton I’m pretty sure I would know!” I laughed again.


“Fair enough,” He nodded his head, “Thank you for making your way to New York to be on The Late Show! Everyone give it up again for Miss Lena Hamilton!”


I stood up and gave Stephen a hug and waved to the crowd again before walking off the stage. Holy hell that was a rush.


“Trabajo fantástico Lena!” Lin walked over and patted me on the shoulder.


“Still not very good at Spanish.” I smiled at him.


He laughed at me, “Fantastic job Lena.”


“Oh! Gracias!” I winked at him.


We then both heard Lin’s cue, “Everybody please give a warm welcome to my great friend Lin-Manuel Miranda!”


He waved bye to me and walked out onto the stage. I watched as he greeted Stephen and took his seat and said, “Man, the girl is non-stop!” He said referencing me; the crowd erupted in cheers yet again. I shook my head and took a seat and watched Lin do his thing.

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