Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Miranda


A simple word that holds different meanings to many people across the world. To some this is what they strive for; this is exactly what they want in life. To others it is simply something that seems silly or unattainable. There are people who were born for fame; the charismatic and outspoken people. There are people who don't even want to begin to see the spotlight.

Follow Lena Hamilton navigate her overnight success from being a world class gymnast to an A-list movie star. Follow as she finds both herself and the love of her life Lin-Manuel Miranda.


2. Chapter 1

“Lena?!” I heard my mom yell from the living room. I sighed, closed my laptop and quickly got up to meet my mom.


“What’s up momma?” I asked her as I grabbed an apple from the kitchen.


“David just called and he has some pretty exciting news. You should go ahead and call him.” I took a bite of my apple and nodded my head. David was my manager and a pretty good one at that. He got me all of my major auditions.


I dialed David’s number and sat down while it rang, “Lena!” He exclaimed, “Major news for you darling.”


“Okay both you my mom have said that, please just spill the juicy details.” I said quickly.


“Jimmy freaking Fallon.” Was all he said as he waited for my response.


“SHUT UP!” I yelled into the phone, “No way you got me on The Tonight Show!” I squealed into the phone.


“Oh but I did!” David yelled back at me.


“When?!” I yelled back at him, jumping up and down now.


“Next Friday sweet thing.”


“David. You are the man. You are my man. What would I possibly do without you?”


“Definitely not get on The Tonight Show.” I giggle at his response, “I’m working on getting you on with Stephen Colbert that week as well. They’re pretty booked up but you my sweet thing are kind of a hot commodity right now. If not Stephen then I’ll get you on with Seth Meyers.”


My eyes widened, “David, you’re telling me I could be on with either Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyers as well?” Dang, that was a lot to take in all at once.


“Precisely. You and your mom need to start packing. I’m thinking of flying you guys out to New York tomorrow and I can meet you there?”


I ran my fingers through my hair, completely overwhelmed, “Isn’t that a bit soon? I mean we have a little over a week until Fallon…”

“Lena! You guys need to do a little sightseeing and I want you to be ready for whatever day I can get you on those other shows?”


“Ok. I guess that works. We’ll pack today and fly out tomorrow.”


“Wonderful. I have your flight booked. Tomorrow morning at 6 AM you’ll be leaving Los Angeles and arriving in New York at 2:30 PM local time. I will have a driver pick you up. You’re hotel is booked. Sweet thing you’re heading to New York!” He exclaimed clearly excited.


I smiled at his excitement, “I’ll see you tomorrow David. Thank you so much for everything.”


“Anything for you. See you guys tomorrow.” He blew me a kiss on the phone and hung up.


I spun around eyes wide and looked at mom, “Looks like we’re heading to New York.” I smiled at her.


“Oh my Lena,” She rushed over and hugged me tightly, “You’ve worked so hard for this my love.


I hugged her back, “Thanks mom.” She ruffled my hair.


We spent the majority of that evening packing our bags for a week and a half in New York. I packed just about everything that I owned plus some, considering it was freezing in New York in December this would surely be a wake up call. I tried packing just one of everything but I always made up an excuse as to why I needed the extra sparkly dress, I mean a girl could really never know when she needed it.


The alarm at 2:30 AM came in a hurry and I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. After trying my best to look presentable I hauled my suitcase to the front of our apartment and made myself some breakfast while waiting for mom to come out.


By the time I finished breakfast and hauled our insanely huge suitcases to the taxi it was 4:30 AM. We got to the airport by 5:00 AM and passed through security in a breeze. We waited a while and sat there and gossiped about all of the celebrity gossip we found in the People magazine we picked up.


I looked at my mom, “I mean do you really believe that Kanye has had kids with 3 different women?” I whisper yelled at her.


She laughed, “I know right? Why can’t they at least make it believable?”


I shook my head and smiled to myself. These writers sure did have creative imaginations. I looked at my phone just as they announced the first boarding group for New York. We waited until they called for the second boarding group and made our way onto the plane. Again we waited until the doors were closed and flight attendants went over the safety procedures. We were then finally on our way to New York.


After five and half hours stuck on the plane and a three-hour time change we arrived in the concrete jungle of New York City. This was my first time in the city coming as a true tourist; I had been a few other times as a gymnast. Mom and me made our way to the hotel and collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.


I woke up to my ring tone and quickly picked up trying not to wake mom up, “Hello?”


“Hey sweet thing!” David yelled into my ear.


I left the hotel room and started talking in the hall, “Hey David, what’s up?”


“Two things.”


“Okay shoot.”


“Thing 1. Did you guys make it to NYC all right? Haven’t heard from either of you.”


“Oh gosh, so sorry David! We made it here a couple of hours ago. We got to the hotel and passed out.” I laughed.


“Understandable. Early flights are tough. Okay. Thing 2. You are going on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert sweet thing!”


“David. I don’t know how you do it! You are a miracle worker.”


“That’s my job darling! You are going on this Tuesday. You aren’t the only important person on this show though.” He sighed.


“Oh even better. All the attention won’t be on me.” I smiled through the phone, “Who else is going to be there?”


“You’ll be there as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda. Have you heard of him?”


“David!” I gasped, “Who in their right minds hasn’t heard of him.” I rolled my eyes.


“You’re right sweet thing. I believe you will be talking first and then break and then Lin-Manuel will be up. You’ll have to be there starting at 2 PM per their request and taping will begin at 5 PM. I will be coming with you and your mom is more than welcome to come if she doesn’t have any plans. Hair and makeup will be done there. You can bring a couple of outfits as well and they will style you. Any questions?”


“Do I need to prepare anything?” I started fidgeting getting a bit nervous.


“Nope. Stephen and his team will run through a list of what they can potentially ask you during the interview. Don’t be nervous sweet thing. You’re going to do great.”


“Awesome. Thanks David. Again, you rock.”


“I know, I know.” He blew another kiss through the phone and hung up.


I went back into my hotel room and sat there, a smile spread across my face. This was going to be a fun week.

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