I'll Follow You (WWE Dolph Ziggler story)

Being on the road 300 days out of the year can really take its toll on relationships but through all the long nights spent driving to the next city and delayed flights home Kylee Corinthos and Nick Nemeth have been together for 2 years and recently they got engaged. While trying to plan their wedding and continue to live life on the road and maintain a home life both begin to realize things could change between them after marriage and start second guessing if marriage is truly what they want but someone takes it a step further. (Cover by Quinn Parker better known as NamesFromGraves on Movellas. Editor: Clare Cox.)


8. CHAPTER 8: I Am The Prinking (1,263 words)


I stood in the ring microphone in hand, before I could say a word Here To Show The World started and he came out interrupting me before I could even start. “Look, everybody, it’s WWE’s resident loser the Showoff Dolph Ziggler, did you come out to lose again? And to a girl nonetheless.”


“Settle down daddy’s girl I came out here to save them from you running your mouth about nothing and sounding like your washed up power hungry dad.”


“At least my dad is a 14-time World Champion what exactly have you done other than be a male cheerleader?”


“I’m a 2-time World Champion sweetheart.” he retorted.


“Yet the only thing people are going to remember you as is the guy who cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and then became a jobber stealing hair product from the women in the back,” I replied touching his ponytail before he swats my hand away.


I turned to the crowd of people watching us. “See? The key to cutting a good promo with someone you’re close to, especially if it’s your fiancé is to take bits of information you know and use it even if you’re the only two who know what you’re talking about. Lauryn and Stasia will give you an example.” I looked at Nick. “Do you mind introducing her?” he took the mic from my hand and leaned into peck my cheek signaling he didn’t take it to heart.


I walked over to Clare who was on her way to Gorilla. We stood behind the curtain and Insatiable hit. “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Lauryn Coxx!” Nick introduced her as she made her way to the ring.


“It feels great to be back where it all started right here in Orlando, Florida.” the crowd applauded. “You know not too many make it past the first day and not many make it to the main roster but I believe if you work hard enough it will pay off in the end. It will all be worth it.”


“Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn.” I slowly strutted onto the stage interrupting her. “You’re giving all these people false hope.” I walked closer to the steps and got in the ring while Nick held the ropes open for me. “Don’t listen to her because just like her none of you belong here. You all want to be here but you don’t deserve to be here.”


“If it wasn’t for the fact that your daddy is Triple H you wouldn’t even be here.” She replied.


“Who the hell do you think you are talking to the boss’s daughter like that? I am the Princess of WWE and you will treat me with respect. Now get on your knees and bow down to the King!” by this time I was in Clare’s face shouting. I knew she knew it was just us acting. The whole purpose of the three of us cutting promos on each other is to show the new talent how to cut a passionate and real-like promo.


“I don’t get it, are you the Princess or the King?” Nick asked earning a few chuckles from the crowd. I turned my head staring him down meanwhile Clare just laughed.


“I was thinking the same thing. You can’t be both, you can't be the Princess and the King.” She followed.


“Or have you just created a new hybrid rank called the Prinking.” Nick cracked.


“Oh my god, you guys are killing me!” I put my hands on my knees just staring at the canvas trying so hard not to break character any more than I already have. I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts before raising the microphone back to my lips. “My name is Anastasia Hale and I am the Prinking of the WWE and you can’t teach that!” Everybody was enjoying these last few minutes especially with me breaking out a little Enzo Amore. “Lauryn Coxx and Dolph Ziggler there’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out for you, S A W F T, SAWFT!” I got the whole crowd behind me.


“Alright guys I think we’re gonna take a break and when we’re back I wanna see what you can do,” Nick said. “Everybody take 15.” Suddenly the crowd disappeared soon fanning out to have private conversations amongst each other.


“I can’t believe you two did that.” I was still stuck on what had just happened.


“I was just repeating what the fans had to say about you being referred to as the Princess but then you and Seth calling Stasia the King.”


“Actually Seth called her the King of Queens.” Clare corrected.


“Well, I don’t want to be called the Princess or the Queen.”


“But then calling you the King sounds odd because your dad is the King of Kings.”


“I mean I could go by Reina but that means Queen in Spanish. This morning another rank popped in my head, Senora which translates to Lady. I could be the Senora of the WWE.” I replied to him.


“You should try introducing her.” Clare insisted.


“I wanna hear that.” Nick agreed, folding his arms truly interested. “Do it. I’ve heard you announce before you can test it out just to hear how it sounds.” I smiled wide growing shy. I stared at Nick to keep focused as he smiled encouragingly.


“Introducing first from Chandler, Arizona she is the WWE RAW Women’s Champion La Senora of WWE Stasia Hale.” Some of the guys and girls that heard applauded joining Clare and Nick.


“That was good. Now, what if you tried it in English?” Nick wondered.


“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Raw Women’s Champion the Lady of WWE Stasia Hale!”


“I can’t decide which one I like more,” Clare added.


“We can talk to your dad about both when we’re back at the hotel but until then, who else wants Kylee to introduce them?” Nick got louder asking the room full of hopefuls who all agreed. “Looks like you’re pulling double duty.” Nick grinned.


“You just want to hear me talk.” He shrugged. “Well, then you’re bringing me tea.”


15 minutes had passed and everybody was ready to hear their character be introduced, some for the first time in fact. I was just as excited for them as they were, this stage in training is crucial because the majority here want to make their own character, others, however, have to make the character brought to them by WWE come to life, both equally hard but if given the opportunity many will flourish. I spent the rest of the day announcing characters, matches, and winners all while helping train in the ring with the guys and girls alongside Nick and Clare. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time Nick and I got back to the hotel.


“I don’t know if I want to kill you or thank you,” I exclaimed plopping on the bed ready for death to come for me.


“A thank you will suffice.” He replied.


“I had no idea I was going to enjoy announcing that much.”


“At least we know that if you need time away from wrestling you could be a manager like Paul Heyman or an announcer. And we even know what your name would be.” I laid in bed with my eyes closed not wanting to move.


“What’s that?” I asked not even thinking.


“The Prinking Anastasia Hale.” He cracked.


“If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m so tired I would throw something at you.” I laughed.

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