I'll Follow You (WWE Dolph Ziggler story)

Being on the road 300 days out of the year can really take its toll on relationships but through all the long nights spent driving to the next city and delayed flights home Kylee Corinthos and Nick Nemeth have been together for 2 years and recently they got engaged. While trying to plan their wedding and continue to live life on the road and maintain a home life both begin to realize things could change between them after marriage and start second guessing if marriage is truly what they want but someone takes it a step further. (Cover by Quinn Parker better known as NamesFromGraves on Movellas. Editor: Clare Cox.)


7. CHAPTER 7: Love Me Like You Do (1,107 words)


Nick and I stayed in bed just enjoying the little bit of time we had alone before we have lunch later today with my sister Lea and her boyfriend Diego. “Have I told you how much I love you?” he asked drawing circles on my bare back sending chills all over my body.


“Have I told you how much I love you?” I repeated.


“Are you mocking me?” he joked.


“No, I just don’t think I say it enough.” I pecked his lips. “I love you, Nick, I love that you’re going to be my husband in three months. I love that we’re starting a life together.”


“And I can’t wait to start a family with you.” He finished as he leaned in planting a sweet kiss on my lips. I sat up and straddled his waist staring into his eyes deeply. “You look absolutely beautiful,” He whispered caressing my face as my hands rested on his broad shoulders. I heard the music faintly play in the background like it does every morning and every night.


“Kiss me,” I commanded then he leaned in pressing his lips to mine bordering sloppy making me moan into the kiss as I felt his passion. “Love me like you do,” I spoke as the song played.


“So is Reby really keeping your title until you come back?” Diego asked. I cracked a smile realizing I’m talking to another fan that isn’t my fiance or someone I work with.


“Technically yes she does have the title and she’ll keep it for appearances but it still has my name on it.” we were talking about what happened on SmackDown last night when I gave Reby the title to hold and defend under the Freebird Rule.


“What is the Freebird rule?” Cordelia questioned.


“The Freebird rule is basically saying yes I’m holding the title but anyone in my team can defend it for me and be a temporary champion.”


“It’s just another way to get out of competing.” Nick pretty much summed it up.


“Hey don’t act like you wouldn’t jump at the chance if you had it.”


“I have, years ago in the Spirit Squad.” My jaw dropped.


“First I learn something new about you every day and second how did I not know that?”


“Because you don’t care about me,” Nick replied.


“Keep it up, Nemeth. You’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.” The conversation carried on for a while longer as we ate and well after finishing. It was nice for Nick and me to be in one place together for longer than 30 minutes.


“Babe,” Lea shouted at her boyfriend who was in his car and refused to unlock it to let her in. She pulled on the door again and finally he unlocked it meanwhile Nick and I watched on laughing hysterically. “We’ll see you guys later at mom’s.” she waved before driving off.


“So what do you feel like doing?” Nick looked at his phone. I glanced down at my watch seeing the time.


“We have a few hours before we have to be at my mom’s we could go home and get some more rest. I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted.”


“I’ll take you home, I’m actually gonna meet up with Ryan.”


“I can go with.” I offered before yawning.


“No, you’re tired. I’ll drop you off at home to sleep. Ryan and I are probably going somewhere boring anyway.”


“I don’t mind.” I yawned again. “Son of a whore,” I groaned already tired of yawning. He scooped me up into his arms and proceeded to carry me to the car.


“Would you?” he asked signaling for me to open the door. I reached opening the door then he placed me carefully on the passenger’s side closing it before walking over to his side.


“Show off,” I commented and he chuckled.


“That’s what they call me,” On the ride home I was falling asleep listening to the music.


“Love you.” I pecked his lips.


“Love you, I’ll be back later.” I dropped on the couch not wanting to drag my body to the bed and fell asleep right away.


Sometime later Nick came back and woke me up to tell me we were half an hour late to dinner at my mom’s. I was still dragging but got up and rushed to get ready. “They’re all probably wondering what happened,” I said as I texted Cordelia telling her we were on our way.


As soon as we walked inside the house I pointed the finger at Nick, jokingly of course but after explaining why we were late and Nick apologizing we all sat down to eat and catch-up, turns out Henry is not only having his first try-out at the performance center in a month he’s also going to perform at a couple of clubs with his band in two weeks.


“Looks like I have a concert to go to in two weeks,” Nick commented. A little later on while everybody was deep in their own conversations he leaned in and pecked right below my ear before whispering. “When do you want to tell them?”


“Guys, Nick and I have something to tell you,” I spoke up.


“You’re pregnant,” Lea said.


“Are you?” my mom questioned.


“No, it has to do with this,” I replied flashing my engagement ring.


“Are you calling off the wedding?” my mom followed.


“If you would let me finish you would know.” I was growing frustrated but at the same time, I found it funny that at every turn they had their own ideas of what I wanted to share.


“We’ve settled on a date,” Nick stated.


“When is it?” my brother asked curiously.


“May 12th,” both Nick and I announced. Only we knew what significance it had but if I went into detail why that date then my family would realize but really just the two of us need to know.


“Well we better get to planning because before we know it it will be here.” my mom expressed. I smiled truly excited for the day I get to marry the man sitting next to me. I placed my hand on his knee and within a matter of seconds his phone went off.


“Excuse me,” he stood up and walked outside. I had a weird feeling about it but didn’t give it a second thought. A few minutes later while I was talking to my mom about the wedding Nick walked into the kitchen and pecked my cheek. “Sorry about earlier I had been waiting for that call since yesterday.”


“Anything I should know about?”

“It’s a surprise.”

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