I'll Follow You (WWE Dolph Ziggler story)

Being on the road 300 days out of the year can really take its toll on relationships but through all the long nights spent driving to the next city and delayed flights home Kylee Corinthos and Nick Nemeth have been together for 2 years and recently they got engaged. While trying to plan their wedding and continue to live life on the road and maintain a home life both begin to realize things could change between them after marriage and start second guessing if marriage is truly what they want but someone takes it a step further. (Cover by Quinn Parker better known as NamesFromGraves on Movellas. Editor: Clare Cox.)


6. CHAPTER 6: That All Changed When I Met You (1,243 words)


I finished sweeping blush on my cheeks as we got ready for our lunch date with Clare and Roman. “Stop moving,” Nick said as he held my hair in his hands. I giggled.


“Hold on. I’m almost done.” I stared into the mirror watching him focus on braiding my hair. I love these moments because as odd as it may sound to others I feel like it makes us closer.


“Why did I say yes to doing your hair while you did your make-up?”


“Because it’s your fault we’re late,” I replied bringing up this morning. He leaned in whispering in my ear.


“Don’t act like you didn’t like it,” His lips brushed my ear teasing me as he spoke sending chills down my spine.


“Oh, I hate you.” He finished doing my hair. I turned around and kissed him.


“We should probably go before Clare starts calling.” I gathered our jackets while he got the keys and got the car started. On the drive over, we blasted a little Motley Crue and Shinedown.



“Sorry we’re late, someone slept past the alarm.” I pointed the finger at Nick.


“Yeah it’s my fault,” he replied sarcastically.


“We just got here ourselves.”


“Yeah I was training at the Performance Center this morning and it ran a little late.” Clare followed.


“How’s your recovery going?” Nick wondered.


“Good, it took longer than I wanted but I’m getting there. The doctor said I could be cleared really soon though.”


“What do you think will happen to Lauryn Coxx when you are cleared?” I questioned.


“I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far ahead.”


“What about Paradigm?” We all looked at Roman and something clicked in my head.


“But I was a Face when I got injured.”


“Exactly there’s been plenty of time for your character to become bitter toward the fans. She can blame them for what happened to her.” She sat there thinking about it as our drinks were brought to us. “I know you never played a heel in NXT but we all have so we can help you.”


“I “turned” Heel in NXT once and as soon as I stepped through the curtain they pulled the plug on the idea.”


“Is that when they wanted you to be the new Bayley?” Roman asked. She nodded in response.


“If this is what you really want I can talk to my dad about adding you and see what he says.”


“Can I think about it?”


“Yeah,” after ordering our food during the conversation I noticed Nick had his arm resting on my chair then he leaned in to kiss my cheek. I turned to face him and kissed his lips before he sat back in his chair.


“When are you two getting married?” Roman questioned.


“I would like to know that too,” Clare added leaning on the table. Her blue eyes laser focused on us awaiting our reply.


“We’re still deciding,” Nick replied with a smile on his face. She slumped a little in her seat crossing her arms. I chuckled seeing her disappointment.


“Chris asked me the same question after Seth claimed we were eloping in Denver.” Nick just smiled.


“We talked about it and thought it would be best for the both of us if we waited.”


“But of course that didn’t last too long because about a week later we started looking and talking more about getting married but as far as the date.” I trailed off.


“That’s where we have no idea.”


“Well, I think it’s cute that you guys are waiting.”


“We’re waiting because we don’t have any choice.” I laughed realizing it was the truth.


“Have you guys thought of eloping?” Roman asked us being serious. We looked at each other.


“I know he’s talked about it in the past that if ever he got married he would elope because he never wanted a big wedding.”


“But that all changed when I met you,” He snaked his hand into mine and pecked my cheek sweetly.


“I think a Summer/Fall wedding would be perfect for you guys.”


“Okay enough wedding talk,” I laughed nervously thinking about it.


“So what’s new with you two?” Nick questioned changing the subject. They stared at each other.


“We’re about to move in together,” Roman replied.


“Really,” I couldn’t stop smiling for many reasons. My best friend is with the man of her dreams and they’re about to move in together and I’m with an incredible guy who’s always in my corner no matter what. “I’m happy for you guys. I can’t wait to start throwing parties at your place.”


“You’re just saying that because you don’t wanna have to deal with the clean-up.”


“See she gets me.” I joked.




After lunch with Clare and Roman, Nick and I had decided to stay out and about for a couple hours just going in and out of the stores in the area. Finally, we sat down at a restaurant and ordered a couple drinks and dessert to share and started talking about our future. “Can we talk about this,” Nick held my hand brushing his thumb against my ring. I nod my head as I took a sip of my drink. “It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about it and I just want to make sure this is something you still want to do? Something we still want to do.” He asked me.


“I still want to marry you that hasn’t changed but if you’re having second thoughts-”


“That’s not what I meant.” He interrupted me when he realized where I was headed.


“Okay, so what’s the real question?”


“What I mean is when we first got engaged we decided we would wait but we never said how long. Now I know it’s only been a few months since I asked you to marry me but how long do you want to wait?”


“I would marry you right now but I also want my mom and family to be there. You know Hunter wasn’t around when I was growing up and I don’t want to upset him by making him miss me getting married.”


“So do you want to get married in a couple of months? That would give everybody and us enough time to plan and prepare.” I smiled at the thought of being his wife in just a few short months.


“Let’s do it.” I pulled out my phone. “I’ll pull up the calendar.” While I poked around getting there Nick moved his seat closer to mine to see more clearly.


“I’m thinking May.”


“I was thinking April.”


“But then with Wrestlemania happening everybody will be overwhelmed and not everyone will make it.”


“Yeah, and even if we plan it for the end of the month it still won’t work out because Henry’s birthday is on the 23rd,” I replied realizing he was right.


“If you have your heart set on April we can still do it, whatever you want I’m there.”


“I don’t care what month it is as long as I’m marrying you that’s all I care about.” A smile grew on his face as he leaned toward me to plant a sweet kiss on my lips.


“I love you and I can’t wait to be…” he paused pulling away just a little. “Your Husband.” He finished adding a little attitude. I broke out laughing hysterically.


“Oh my god,” I managed to say. “May it is,” I excitedly exclaimed still laughing.


“May 12th?”

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