I'll Follow You (WWE Dolph Ziggler story)

Being on the road 300 days out of the year can really take its toll on relationships but through all the long nights spent driving to the next city and delayed flights home Kylee Corinthos and Nick Nemeth have been together for 2 years and recently they got engaged. While trying to plan their wedding and continue to live life on the road and maintain a home life both begin to realize things could change between them after marriage and start second guessing if marriage is truly what they want but someone takes it a step further. (Cover by Quinn Parker better known as NamesFromGraves on Movellas. Editor: Clare Cox.)


3. CHAPTER 3: Mrs. Hardy and Mr. Spears. (1,173 words)



“Okay now climb on top of me.” He instructed as I stood there looking at him smirking.


“Just climb on top. You’ll hold onto my ankles and your feet will rest on my shoulders.” He ran through it again for me.


“I don’t know Nick, it doesn’t seem right.” I kept questioning.


“It is.” He replied, tired of me insisting we were doing it wrong. “Are you ready?” he asked.


“Yeah,” I replied reluctantly. He started and within a matter of minutes I started to follow his rhythm to a tee realizing he was right, this is so much more strenuous. After a while of testing it out, we wrapped up and were panting almost out of breath.


“I think that counts as both strength training and cardio.” I joked getting off of him.


“So I was right?” he proudly exclaimed.


“Yes, but don’t think we’ll be doing that all the time.” I sat up on the floor and stretched out my sides and legs.


“As long as you admit I was right I don’t care.”


“You were right.” I laughed at how childish he was acting. I positioned myself to lay flat on my back and he began helping me with my stretches, like massaging my leg or hip while I extended it to reach my head.


“So I was thinking you, me and a movie tonight, your pick.”


“Oooh,” I cooed.


“Just don’t make it another Kickboxer.”


“One time, I picked a boring movie one time and you haven’t let me live it down.”


“That’s why you’re marrying me.” He chimed before leaning in to kiss me.


“I’m only marrying you for your looks Nicholas.”


“I know.” He replied. “And I’m only with you because Britney hasn’t noticed me…yet.” He claimed still holding out hope.


“I know what you mean Jeff’s married otherwise I would be Mrs. Hardy already.”


“Well, Mrs. Hardy I’m taking a shower with or without you.” He said getting off of the floor then reaching his hand out to help me up. I grabbed it and stood on my feet with his help.


“I love you,” I replied pecking his cheek.


“You have to love me.” He remarked flexing one arm meanwhile his hand was still holding mine.


“You’re a dork.”


“We just had this conversation.” He replied bringing up the “reason” I’m marrying him.


“Looks like you’re showering by yourself then.” I plopped myself on the sofa turning the TV on to Funimation so I could watch Fairy Tail. I know that I’ve seen it all but I felt like watching some old episodes.


“Fine by me.” he started walking away while slipping his shirt off his body and tossing it at me. While I was watching TV I got a text from my sister Cordelia.


Mom wants to know if you and Nick want to come over for dinner.


You guys have the worst timing. Haha. We just decided to stay in and watch a movie. We’re both tired maybe tomorrow night.


Okay, she didn’t think you would want to leave but thought we would ask anyway. Enjoy your night. Talk later. Love you sis.


Love you too. Tell mom I love her and I’ll call later.


What about Henry?


What about Henry? Haha. Tell him I expect not just dinner but a show too.


After Nick got out of the shower I told him Cordelia texted me inviting us to dinner and he pretended to be mad at me for blowing off a free meal. “I’m going to gather my stuff then get in. Try not to get into trouble while I’m gone.”




“What do you want for dinner?” he asked as I walked out with my hair still in a towel. “Home cooked meal or take-out,”


“Tough choice,” I contemplated for a second. I mean on one hand I wanted him to cook because he looks so hot when he’s in the kitchen but on the other hand, I wanted him to sit with me and just watch TV. I wanted to be in his arms. “I’ve been craving some good Chinese food for weeks now.”


“Chinese it is.” he exclaimed searching for the menu.


“Do you want something to drink?” he nodded with the pen in his mouth as he read through the menu trying to decide what he wanted to eat. I walked over to the fridge pulling out the pitcher of tea I had made earlier today pouring two glasses.


“Thanks.” He reached for his glass.


“Do you know what you want yet?”


“I’m torn between the Teriyaki Chicken and the Moo Goo Gai Pan. What about you?” I rested my chin on his shoulder and wrapped one arm around him and immediately my eyes landed on one thing.


“The Beef with Broccoli,”


“Don’t you always eat that?”


“Not always but for the most part, yes, why,”


“Don’t you get tired of the same thing?”


“Funny people ask me the same thing about you.” I grinned waiting to see his reaction.


“And I thought I was the comedian.” I kissed his cheek before brushing my hand over his chocolate brown hair on my way back to the living room.


“Let me know when you’ve decided what you want.” I giggled. I sat down and turned it to a music channel so it wasn’t quiet while I texted Clare, she and I have been friends since meeting at the Performance Center almost four years ago. She moved up to the main roster a couple of months before me and she was one of the first people to know I was Triple H’s daughter so needless to say we've been through a lot together.


What are you doing?


I’m getting ready for a date with Roman. You?


Waiting for Nick to choose what he wants. We’re gonna stay in and watch a movie.

Hey, I was thinking you, Roman, me and Nick could go out for lunch soon.


Oooh have fun! Just don’t have too much fun. I don’t think the world is ready for a bunch of little Nick’s and Kylee’s yet.

Lunch? I’d love to do that. I’ll check with Roman and see when he can spare a day.


Not yet Haha

Awesome. Let me know so we can schedule it. Enjoy your night with Rome.


Nick sat down next to me placing the menu on the coffee table. “I already ordered. Should be here in about 30 minutes, in the meantime” he trailed off as his hand made its way to my hair brushing some of the damp strands aside. “What should we do to pass the time?” his voice lowered as he inched closer to my jawline. As soon as his lips touched my skin I felt shivers run down my body. He continued to tease me as I laid back allowing for us both to lie on the sofa, our bodies intertwined.


“I hate you,” I said smiling resting my hand on his bicep. He pecked my lips.


“I love you too.” he smiled back at me.

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