I'll Follow You (WWE Dolph Ziggler story)

Being on the road 300 days out of the year can really take its toll on relationships but through all the long nights spent driving to the next city and delayed flights home Kylee Corinthos and Nick Nemeth have been together for 2 years and recently they got engaged. While trying to plan their wedding and continue to live life on the road and maintain a home life both begin to realize things could change between them after marriage and start second guessing if marriage is truly what they want but someone takes it a step further. (Cover by Quinn Parker better known as NamesFromGraves on Movellas. Editor: Clare Cox.)


2. CHAPTER 2: Wonderful! (1,551 words)



“So it’s happening tonight?” Coby asked. I was supposed to be on my way to Orlando this morning but last night my dad decided to keep me for another week and introduce my first team now instead of when I get back or have it happen while I’m gone.


“It’s to help set up my two teams for Wrestlemania. Oh and I finally have a name for the women but not for our team. We still have time to pick one out though.”


“What’s the name of your other team?”


“The Renaissance or just Renaissance, I’m still deciding.”


“I like it. Now it’s you obviously, Carmella, Alexa, Maryse, and Reby.” I nodded. “Have you talked to Hunter about adding a few more members to our team?”


“I haven’t because you and I are still working that part out. I know we want Jeff to keep the idea of people who were screwed over in the past but who else, or are we just adding Jeff?”


“Well I was thinking Dean but I don’t know if that would make any sense to the fans.”


“It could if we play it right,” I replied then next thing I know Nick appeared next to me and leaned down to peck my cheek as I caressed his perfectly chiseled face. I was beginning to miss his touch and miss touching him.


“What did I walk in on?” he questioned. “Is it top secret? Do I have security clearance?”


“We were talking about our team. He’s thinking of Dean joining.” I chuckled.


“Yeah, I think it would give Dean a lot of heat but also have people wondering why.”


“Not a bad idea. I mean unstable Dean Ambrose aligned with the Boss’s daughter it’s not something you would see him doing but that’s why he’s unstable.” Nick commented. “Have you talked to your dad about who’s joining you tonight?” he questioned changing topics.


“My dad was busy so we talked to Stephanie and she’s all for it.”






”Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guests at this time Seth Rollins and Stasia Hale, you shocked the fans a couple weeks ago when Seth, you came down to the ring and helped Stasia beat Bayley to become the #1 Contender for the RAW Women’s Championship, and Stasia you seemingly returned the favor later on that night when Seth had a match against Dean Ambrose. While you distracted the referee Seth was able to use some rather alternative methods to secure the victory and now Seth you’ll be competing in the Royal Rumble. The WWE Universe has been left with many questions since then so would you two care to comment on your recent alliance.” Tom Phillips questioned.


“Tom, it’s no secret that Stasia and I have been friends for years. I was one of the first people to train her when she first started in NXT. What happened a couple weeks ago was just a friend helping out a friend. Stasia wants to be the RAW Women’s Champion and I want to main event Wrestlemania and be the WWE Champion again.”


“Exactly, we finally realized that we can’t get what we want without a little support, now tonight Seth and I will be taking on Ambrose and Bayley in a mixed-tag-team match and you’ll see that we’re not that only ones who’ve realized the same thing.”




After we wrapped up the interview we thought this was the perfect time to talk to my dad, who had been watching, about our idea of adding a particular character to the mix. “Who are you talking about? We haven’t talked about adding a new member tonight.” He was freaking out.


“We meant to talk to you but you were too busy so we talked it over with Steph and she gave it the green light.”


“Who are you adding?”


“Matt,” I replied. He looked between Coby and me letting the idea brew for a second before agreeing. We were both excited he allowed it otherwise we would have had to bring in Miz first.


“Does he know he’s joining the team?” my dad wondered.


“Yep the three of us talked to Stephanie,” Coby answered.




“Don’t you mean, Wonderful!” Coby said it with me.


“Your match isn’t for another 30 minutes. I’ll see you later.” He replied with a smile before walking away. Coby and I broke out laughing.






No More Words by EndeverafteR started to play and right when the lyrics started I shouted into the mic. “Stop the music! Stop. That was my music. Maestro if you would.” That’s when the beginning of Hail to the King began and the fans got loud. The lights were dim but they came back on about 15 seconds before the vocals started and there Seth and I stood on the stage soaking it in. The atmosphere changed completely because the fans could tell something was about to happen. Seth got that smug grin that he used to sport as he walked beside me down the ramp. We tried our best to build the heat just by simply walking.


We stood in the middle of the ring for some time before either of us spoke. Letting the fans chant anything and everything that they could, chants ranging from “You sold out” to “Holy shit” to the best one of the night so far “Hail!” as my brand new entrance song rang throughout the arena.


“Soak it in ladies and gentlemen because you are looking at your new RAW Women’s Champion, this Sunday at the Royal Rumble I will beat Nia Jax and prove that I am just that damn good.” I quoted my father Triple H to anger the fans more.


“And I will beat 39 other Superstars, win the Royal Rumble match go on to main event Wrestlemania and walk out the WWE Champion!”


“Too bad Dean Ambrose won’t be competing. I would love to see all you fans cheer him on just to be disappointed in him when he’s eliminated by The Man, The Architect Seth Rollins.” Before I could say anymore I was interrupted by Ambrose’s song. He began talking as he made his way down to the ring.


“C’mon Stasia do you really think these people are listening to you talk if they don’t listen to your daddy when he opens that big mouth of his then they sure as hell aren’t about to listen to you,” Dean spoke.


“I’m sorry did you say something, I couldn’t hear you over the noise of your knuckles dragging.” Seth snickered into the mic.


“Joke all you want at least I don’t look like Jesus.”


“Is that supposed to offend me?” Seth replied. And before we knew it the rowdy crowd began chanting “You look like Jesus” it took everything in me not to laugh and even then I had a bit of a grin on my face. “Shut up!” Seth spat into the mic then Bayley’s music hit she walked onto the stage and made her way down to the ring.


“Seth it looks like you need a hug.” She spoke into the mic as she stood in the ring. “Dean, do you think he needs a hug?”


“I think he needs a hug,” Ambrose replied. Bayley leaned in and wrapped her arms around Seth. He just stood there obviously not wanting a hug. “Don’t forget Stasia,” Dean added. The second she went in for a hug I hit her with an elbow and continued attacking her meanwhile Seth ran at Dean taking him down, once they left the ring the match started. I laid a beat-down on her for as long as I possibly could not letting up until the referee started the 5-count and even then I backed off around 4 ½.


The guys wanted in the ring so badly but Bayley and I were too busy putting on a show that I hadn’t noticed how long we had been in so I instructed Bayley what our next moves were so Dean could tag in. The match lasted another 15 minutes or so with Dean, for the most part, getting the upper hand over Seth which only helped the next part of our match.






Dean had Seth hooked and ready for a Dirty Deeds when Stasia hopped onto the ropes to distract Ambrose and helped Rollins escape the move to gain momentum. Bayley had had enough of Stasia’s antics all throughout the match and was about to stop her from doing anymore when two people came running down the ramp and headed straight for the ring. Stasia had the referee distracted from what the two were about to do. The crowd went wild soon realizing the people now at ringside was Reby Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy.


Reby grabbed Bayley’s ankle and pulled her off the apron and finished her off with a Twist of Fate meanwhile Matt appeared in the middle of the ring kicking Ambrose in the gut also hitting him with a Twist of Fate allowing Stasia to climb the turnbuckle and land a Swanton Bomb then both Matt and Stasia pick up Ambrose’s limp body for Rollins to finish him off with a Pedigree for the victory. There the four stood in the ring hands raised as Dean and Bayley lay unconscious.

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