Random Convo. Time!

This is just chapters of random conversations between two or more people at different places. It's your imagination so imagine what you want.



4. Party Love

Random convo. time!

Party Love

*there is a group of five girls who snuck into a club. they are all sixteen, or seventeen, not old enough to be in a club, and one of them, who has shoulder- length, blonde hair, doesn't want to be there. the four girls are already drunk and ready to party like crazy, as the fifth one is bored and ready to go home.

Sober Girl: Guys, I really think we should go back to my house. What if-

Drunk Girl #1: *in a mocking, high-pitched voice* What if, what if! Your voice is driving me crazy. Who freaking cares if we get caught, or kicked out?

Sober Girl: I do! Do any of you, not care if our parents find out about this? Especially mine. They already don't like you. *she points to Drunk Girl #1. Drunk Girl #1 just rolls her eyes.

Drunk Girl #1: I really don't care if my parents found out, and I definitely don't care if your parents don't like me.

Sober Girl: Then that means my parents will never allow me to invite you over ever again.

Drunk Girl #1: Still don't care. Your slumber party was so boring, that's why we left. TO HAVE SOME FUN!! *all the girls except the sober one screams. 

Drunk Girl #4: Yeah, sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with her. We were literally going to die of boredom. Besides, that's not fun anymore. It might have been when we were like, what, 13 or 14? Not anymore. We're in high school. Some of us will be graduating in two years, the rest in one. We're just trying to live up our sorry lives! *the rest of the girls agree and holler again. Sober Girl just rolls her eyes and finds an empty spot on a wall that wasn't taken by couples making out or grinding on one another. She stands next to a boy with short, brown hair. the boy turns to her.

Brown Hair: Hey.

*Sober Girl looks around her, thinking he must be talking to someone else. he chuckles.

Brown Hair: Yes, I am talking to you.

Sober Girl: Oh uh, hi.

Brown Hair: Not really digging this party?

Sober Girl: No, I am not. Just really want to go home.

*Brown Hair nods his head.

Brown Hair: Let me guess. Your girlfriends dragged you into this club, even when you protested.

*she nods her head.

Sober Girl: Yes sir, they did.

Brown Hair: Okay, well then, why don't you just leave?

Sober Girl: Because they are my responsibility.

Brown Hair: No they're not. They look like they can take care of themselves. 

Sober Girl: They were supposed to spend the night at my house. If my parents realized that they aren't there, I would be in trouble.

Brown Hair: Not if you lie, saying that you had no clue where they were. You could say they must've snuck out while you were asleep or say they wanted to go home and you didn't want to wake your parents up.

Sober Girl: Okay, but my parents would think it's odd that all four of them wanted to go home.

Brown Hair: True, or you could say that all five of you got into a huge argument, and so they left because neither of you wanted to be around each other for the rest of the night.

Sober Girl: What if they ask me what the argument was about?

Brown Hair: Just tell them that you don't remember, that it was a petty argument over something really dumb and you don't want to talk about it.

*she nods her head, agreeing with him until she thought of something.

Sober Girl: Okay, let's say I do leave. What happens to them? For all I know, some creep and his group of nasty friends could lure them into their car and take them somewhere, forcing them to have sex, which would lead to rape, or worse, and I left them when I could be watching them, making sure that they are okay and they come back to my place all safe and sound, where no one gets hurt, raped, abused, or anything else. 

*the boy grins.

Brown Hair: You win. I thought I had won this argument, and you could go home, but you're right. I never thought of that and I think it would be a good idea if you did stay and watch them have fun, only to make sure that they got home safe and sound. 

*the girl smiles.

Sober Girl: So why did your friends force you to come to this club? 

Brown Hair: They wanted some "action", and "hook up with some hot babes." I didn't want to, but they dragged me out of my house and into their car, and drove here, which looks like I'll be driving them back as I listen to them say some weird crap.

*they both laugh.

Brown Hair: What about you? Why were you forced here?

Sober Girl: *she sighs* Because "slumber parties were cool when you were 13 or 14 years old", and that "we were literally dying of boredom." So that is why I am here.

Brown Hair: Well, you know that they aren't the only ones who can have fun.

*Sober Girl turns and faces Brown Hair.

Sober Girl: What do you mean?

Brown Hair: I'm saying, we can have fun without alcohol.

Sober Girl: True, but I don't even know your name.

Brown Hair: You're right, and neither do I know yours, but that's the point in having fun. C'mon.

*he takes her hand and leads her towards the dance floor. they begin dancing. in minutes they're jumping to the beat, getting closer to each other, and grinding on one another like everyone else. then out of nowhere, the boy leans in and kisses her. she pulls away quickly and stares at him, then kisses him back. after a long time, they finally pull away and dance for the rest of the night.

The End 

There goes my third story. This one turned out long and I'm glad it did. I honestly didn't know how this story was going to start or end, but it ended very nicely. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got everything they asked for. I most definitely did. My family came to visit and it was just really nice and an enjoyable time. Like, comment, share, etc. See you soon!

-Get In Style




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