Random Convo. Time!

This is just chapters of random conversations between two or more people at different places. It's your imagination so imagine what you want.



1. Intro.


I am Robin. 

The whole part of this story is for you to feel like you are in these situations. Almost like you can taste it on the tip of your tongue. 

My goal for this story is to update every day, but because this is my first book, then I'm going to attempt to publish a chapter every once a week. Not sure if it will be on a certain day, but for now the plan is to publish once a week. Then if I keep up to date with publishing, I'll try to publish twice a week, and then gradually publish every day. 

Another goal of mine for this story is for it to go big. I want people to enjoy my stories and feel like they are a part of the chapter. 

If you have a specific part of the story you want to do, please comment it, and I will do it. 

That is it, for now, I really do hope you enjoy this. Until next time.

-Get In Style

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