Random Convo. Time!

This is just chapters of random conversations between two or more people at different places. It's your imagination so imagine what you want.



3. Drunken words

Random convo. time! 

Drunken Words

*a couple are at home, having a disagreement then things get heated. the girlfriend is light skinned and the boyfriend is white.

GF: I just hate going to parties or clubs with you, especially when you bring your friends along.

BF: I don't understand what's the big deal. Everyone gets drunk. That's the whole point of going to clubs and parties.

GF: Yeah, but my boyfriend for the past three months becomes a f***ing d*** when he's drunk.

BF: Oh, whatever. 

GF: Whatever? Are you serious? You have! Every time I go with you, or you come home drunk, you say the cruelest things ever and you never were like that. You would say some pretty weird stuff, but not where you call me a whore or sl*t and worse. It's freaking annoying and it's hurtful. But the saddest part is you never want to own up to it after I call you out on it.

BF: That's not true. I apologized.

GF: Yeah, f***ing one time the first time I said something about it. Not the other times.

BF: I honestly don't understand what the freaking big deal is. So I say some rude things whenever I'm drunk, and?

*the girlfriend looks at her boyfriend in big eyes.

GF: Are you f***ing kidding me??! What's the big f***ing deal?? The deal is, you call me uncalled for names and don't care that you say those things to your so called "love of my life". Also, you piece of s***, I see you grinding on other girls and touching them when I go with you, or your buddies do. No girl ever likes to see or hear that her drunk a** boyfriend is feeling or grinding on other girls. For all I know, you could've slept with one and I just don't know.

*the boyfriend's face turns a bit red and he quickly looks away before turning back to her. the girlfriend's eyes go wide again and her mouth hangs open.

GF: Did you seriously sleep with another girl?

BF: No I didn't-

GF: Then why did your face turn red and you looked away?

BF: I didn't sleep with another girl, but I... I made out with one.. 

*he sighs and looks down. the girlfriend's eyes start to water. she shakes her head and starts to walk backward. the boyfriend attempts to reach out to her, but she smacks his hands away from her.

GF: I knew it was too good to be true. Yeah, you made out with a girl, but in my eyes, you don't do that. I've never done that to you, no matter how drunk I am. 

BF: I know that and it was an accident. Look, I'm sorry about everything. With the rude words, and grinding on other girls. I promise it'll stop.

*the girlfriend nods her head.

GF: I know it will because right now, we need space.

BF: Babe-

*the girlfriend puts her hand up to cut him off.

GF: No, I'm serious. We do. If you really want to be in this relationship, I need some space, and I need to see some improvement. Sorry, but that's how it's going to be.

*the boyfriend attempts to try and talk to her, but the girlfriend asks him to leave and let her go to bed. He leaves the apartment room.

The End 


Well, there goes the second chapter. I'm liking this so far. I also like these scenes. It makes me feel like I'm in the room. As usual, like, comment, do whatever. I would really like it if I got some feedback. I know I sound desperate, I'm sorry, but I really need to know if I'm doing good so far, or if there are some changes that need to be made. Just one person is all I'm asking and I'll stop sounding desperate and annoying. Thank you for reading my story. Soon to be much more.

-Get In Style

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