Random Convo. Time!

This is just chapters of random conversations between two or more people at different places. It's your imagination so imagine what you want.



2. Bathroom stall

Random convo. time! 

Bathroom stall

*Two females are each in a bathroom stall at the mall. One is white, with red hair and has freckles. The other is half Asian with long black hair. 

Red Head: *singing to herself quietly.

Half Asian: Hey, I love that song!

Red Head: R-really?

Half Asian: Yeah! Oh uh, sorry that was just really awkward. *nervous laugh.

Red Head: *laughs as well. Nah, it's okay.

*Awkward suspense. 

Red Head: So... What's your name?

Half Asian: Um, my name is ( a name). What about you?

Red Head: Wow, that's such a pretty name! My name is (a name).

Half Asian: Gorgeous name!

Red Head: Thanks! 

Half Asian: Hey, you should put your number in my phone.

Red Head: Really?

Half Asian: Totally! Here. *hands phone under the stall.

Red Head: Okay. *types in number then hands it back. 

Half Asian: Sweet. Maybe we could like, I don't know, do something or whatever..

Red Head: Oh yeah, totes! You know I'm done right now, you wanna go shopping together?

Half Asian: Yeah! That'd be cool.

Red Head: Really? Cool!

*both girls get out of the stalls and washes hands before walking out of the bathroom together.


The End

Well, that is my first story that will soon be published once I'm done doing my outro of the chapter. I hope you liked it. Sorry for it being a little short, it's my first one. I'm also sorry if anyone got offended with Half Asian and Red Head. It was not my intentions whatsoever for you to feel offended by that. If any of my chapters in this story offends you, please let me know so I can stop doing that. Just thought it would be nice if you knew that I wasn't trying to offend anyone. Like, comment something, anything really. 

-Get In Style


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