Asshole [l.h.]

When you're best friends with a famous actress, you tend to stay out of the drama. Luke Hemmings drama, however, was not on Asher's agenda.


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5SOS' Luke Hemmings CHEATS on Girlfriend Arzaylea?! (Pictures included!)


"Hey," I nudge Lucy's shoulder playfully, leaning my head to try and see the screen on her phone. "What're you looking at? You seem so in-depth involved. Your eyebrows are furrowing and you have that annoyed look on your face. I thought I'm supposed to be the annoyed one."

Lucy groaned, "Yeah, you're right. It's just - this damn news article keeps popping up everywhere. It's getting annoying. Have you seen it? The one with Luke Hemmings cheating?"

Now, it was my turn to groan, "Nooo, that Luke guy? Can we just not talk about him? He's a total asshole. Let's focus on the good people. Like, for example, we still haven't watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet! You know I'm a huge nerd when it comes to J.K. Rowling!"

"I know, I know," she sighed and finally shut off her phone. Lucy turned her head to look at me, slugging her arm around my shoulder, "I'm sorry, I've just been so caught up in work lately. The new movie is coming out, I have an episode of Sometimes to film..." Lucy rambled on and on about her acting career, and in result making me frown a bit.

Lucy's an actress. And, believe it or not, she's made it pretty far and pretty successful into the industry. We've known each other for years, and I even remember in Kindergarten when she signed up for Drama club. And also when I signed up and then dropped out of Drama club. The one thing I'll admit is that I'm a horrible actress.

Although, Lucy is one of the best I've seen. She got her big break in freshman year right after junior high when she was asked to play a side character a John Green movie. Her good looks, stunning charm, and talented acting made the people in the acting industry go wild. Soon enough, she got a few acting gigs and became a full-out star.

All the way, I've always been there and supporting her. I'm extremely happy and grateful for Lucy's success, but whenever I thought about it in the past, I always knew that she was one day going to be a huge star. And I thought, "What's so hard about being friends with a celebrity?" Ah, jeez, the things I would've told my younger self...

"You've been getting really stressed lately, Luce. Maybe you should ask the directors for a break."

Shaking her head immediately, she moaned in despair, "I wish I could, but I can't, Ash.  I'd be letting down the cast and crew and the directors would be mad..."

Ahh, Lucy. Sweet, caring, worried-about-everyone-and-everything Lucy.

Nodding understandingly, I let out a small sigh, "I understand. It's cool."

But in our lovely little apartment, late at night when Lucy was asleep, I picked up my phone to call her acting agency. And, in the process, scored Lucy a free day.


"Oh my god, you are the best friend I've ever had! Have I told you how much I appreciate you? Oh my god!" Lucy exclaimed as she hugged me happily.

"No problem, really. It's my pleasure. I'm very convincing," I smiled brightly and let out a big, dramatic sigh of relief.  "Now, what do you want to do on your day off?"

She glanced down, shrugged one shoulder, and I just knew that she'd say something I wouldn't like. "Well, there's this party that a bunch of people are going to..."

No. No. No.

Lucy continued, "And I know you hate parties, but you need to get out every once in a while. Plus, it'll be fun! A bunch of your other favorite celebrities are gonna be there!"

"I only have one favorite celebrity, Luce. You."

"Asher," Lucy said in a drawled out, firm mom voice.

After a few long, awkward seconds, I let out an annoyed groan and crossed my arms, "Fine!"

"You really are the best friend I've ever had."


Lucy's hands pushed me forward behind my back to the door. I tried to stay put, but that girl was unusually strong. So skinny and frail, yet a literal Hulk. Eventually, I gave in. Lucy rang the doorbell and I was met face-to-face with a tall, smiley, surprisingly sober boy. His dark blond hair was slicked back, but a small bit curled in the front, making him appear like a Greaser from the 1960s.

"HEY!" he yelled, trying to overcome the blasting music. "COME IN!"

But before Lucy and I could walk in and leave the doorstep, another boy with spiky, vibrantly dyed hair bounced next to the Greaser-like boy. He was about two inches or so taller than the other boy, making me wonder exactly if there were titans inside and if I should call Mikasa Ackerman.

"Hey!" he grinned, but not a bubbly grin like the Greaser boy. It was a cool, chill grin. At first, a thought in my mind occurred that he was probably just a cool person in general. Then, my eyes shifted down to the almost empty beer bottle clutched in his hand and the way his eyes squinted. Nope, just drunk.

Looks like I was the designated driver for tonight.

The drunk boy gripped my shoulders in a playful way and pulled me inside, Lucy following behind. "I don't notice you. Are you famous like me?" God, this boy was cocky. "Also, you look tense. Lemme grab you a beer."

Without letting me say a work, the euphoric figure walked away to the cooler, but suddenly stopped when a girl strutted up to him and planted a forceful kiss on his lips. A makeout session already? She gave me a side glance and kept her hand on the blitzed boy's hips, silently giving me the finger.

Well, I'm already off to a great start here.

Suddenly, a short, brown-haired girl with a redish tint in her hair walked up to me with a glass of wine in her hand. Classy. She looked friendly, and walked up to me first. That must mean she wanted to talk to me, right?

"Hi," she chirped and gave me a friendly smile. "Who do you know here? I've never seen you before."

"Uhm-" I stuttered, turning my head and looking around the room for my best friend. God, where is she? I saw so many celebrities around, ones that I didn't like, ones that I loved. It was intimidating. Because, BAM, what do you do when a bunch of your favorite famous people are all in one room? "Lucy Yeager?"

A few seconds passed, making my anxiety bubble up as the girl silently judged me. God, what'd I expect? That just because I was friends with Lucy, I'd get a free pass? I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly, the feel of my short hair through the tips of my fingers.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. I don't know Lucy, but I think I've heard of her..? But then again, does anyone really know everyone else here?" she chuckled, holding out her hand for me to shake, which I reluctantly did. "I'm Nia. Drummer of Hey Violet. You know them?"

"Asher," I replied, clearing my voice a bit. "And no, I don't. I listen to mostly alternative and indie, so-"

"Me too!" Nia beamed.

"Cool," I smiled for the first time that night and nodded a bit, "I don't do music like you- I mean- I do music, I have a YouTube channel where I sing and play guitar and everything, but I'm not really a musician-"

"How many subscribers do you have?"

"Uhm, about 1,200? I'm a pretty small YouTuber."

But by then, Nia was already grabbing her phone and typing my name into YouTube. In less than a minute, my voice echoed out quietly from her phone, and she held the speaker up to her ear to hear clearly. Gradually, a proud grin lit up her face and she stopped the video, opening Twitter.

My phone pinged. When I took it out, my Twitter notifications started blowing up. My eyes widened, and a bunch of people had tagged Nia and I. Nia wrapped her arm around my shoulder and pulled me close beside her, pulling up the camera to Instagram. She widened her mouth in the photo, making an excited face, and I nervously made a soft smile. Oh God, everything was happening so quickly and I barely even knew what was going on.

I checked my YouTube:

2, 754 subscribers.

"You're going to be my new friend," she nodded once firmly in reassurance and cast me a friendly grin, and I couldn't help but grin back.

Nia tugged on the dimply, bubbly but sober boy from before and introduced him to me. Ashton, I learned was his name. We laughed at the similarities in our names and he gave a shy wave to a sweet, blonde haired girl named Bryana who had such stunning looks, there was no doubt in my mind that she was a supermodel. She was the sweetest person to everyone and only a little intoxicated with the wine like Nia's in her hand. Ashton and Bryana were awkward, and Bryana took it as a sign to leave.

And I met Michael, the drunk one from earlier. He was actually pretty friendly - drunk, but friendly. I found out that the girl kissing him was named Crystal. She clearly did not like me, and I clearly did not like her. We stayed out of each other's way.

And then I met Calum. Tan skin, full lips, sweet personality, textured hair. He was the epitome of the expression tall, dark, and handsome. With sugar, spice, and everything nice featured.

Then there was Luke. When I met him, his chin jerked up a bit toward me as an alternative 'Hello.' I had already heard about him, and planned to stay away. And from the lack of speech, looks like he had planned the same.

When I turned my head, a few feet away, Lucy was talking to a boy with a lanky figure and jet black hair. I gave her a thumbs up and she gave me a wink, soon talking to the boy again.

Nia placed her hand on my shoulder before saying, "Asher, I gotta go to the bathroom. Be right back," before walking away.

Keep in mind that at this point, Michael is in the bathroom upstairs with Ashton puking his guts out while Calum is- Actually, I had no idea where Calum was. That boy was truly a mystery.

That left me with Luke. And then there were two (unfortunately).

"So..." I mumbled. "You're a singer?"

"Can you be any quieter?" he rolled his eyes and let out a frustrated sigh, not meeting my eyes as they were glued to the phone screen. "Yes, I am. And guitarist. And songwriter. I do many things. I'm talented as fuck." Remember how I said that Michael was cocky earlier? Well, it looks like someone has beaten him to the chase.

Not meaning to sound rude, I murmured, "Such as..?"

The corner of his lip rose up into a smug smirk, "Screw off."

"Well, I see you have certainly met up to my expectations."

Apparently, he actually heard me that time. He raised an eyebrow in sudden entertainment from my response and let out a chuckle, "Sorry?"

I prayed that Nia would come back from the bathroom.

Thankfully, she did a minute later.


author's note //

i'm back w/ another story woo !!1! i hope you enjoyed the first chapter. comment and tell me how you like it so far (: (and yes, i made lucy's last name yeager from attack on titan)

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