Kiss me slowly...

Emmelia or Emma has always been the good girl. A+ student, plays the cello, never does anything wrong, but then one day a new teacher comes into the class and Emma's life changes, maybe forever.


1. The new teacher.

I always think, is this the place for me? Do I really belong here? I mean, can't I do better than this, right? Those are the thoughts that go through my head every day when I'm sitting in class and just feel like I'm wasting my time. I'm an extremely intelligent person. When I was 6 years old I won spelling competitions that were meant for the ages 8-14. My parents thought about sending me to a private school, where they knew the academic level was a lot higher, but we couldn't afford it in the end. So I stayed at Julian High School. I don't have a lot of friends, I spent all my time on writing A+ assignments and playing the cello. It's not that I don't want to have friends or don't have the time. It's that the other students who don't want to hang out with me. They think I'm the teacher's pet and a nerd who only cares about school.


Today was just like any other ordinary day at school, or so I thought. As always I was the first in the classroom, so I sat down at my table and started reading. Then, through the door walked in a tall dark haired guy. He couldn't be a student, who was too old to be a student, but he still looked too young to be a teacher. He walked up to the smartboard and wrote his name. Jacob Mccall. He turned around a got a shock, he hadn't seen me when he came in.  "Well hello," he sent me a smile that made my body shiver. "Hi," I stuttered. He walked towards me and sat down on the edge of my table. He took his hand out. "I'm Jacob, but you can just call me Jake," he sent me that smile again. I shook his hand and replied "I'm Emmelia, but you can call me Emma," I said and winked. He smirked and I completely panicked! Winked? Winked! I just winked to my teacher. Oh my god! "Well, Jess, nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better" Then he went back to the smartboard. What was happening? Suddenly I didn't want to be anywhere else. I just wanted to talk to Jake. I mean Mr. Mccall! 


Through the entire class, I could hear the girls talking about the new teacher, and how hot he was. Jesus! Calm down. I mean, yeah he's good looking but hot? I don't think so. Or do I? After school, I went to the music room to practice for my cello residual. And as I walked in the room, I stumbled into Jake. He dropped all his papers and they got all mixed up. Shit! "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Mr. Mccal!" I started picking up the papers, and then I could hear him laughing. "Don't you worry about that Emma" I helped up from the floor. "Are you sure? I'm really sorry, I didn't see you." He smiled. "I'm sure. So, Emma. What are you doing here?" "I was just going to practice for my cello residual." "Cello, you say?" "Um yeah..." "Well, can I hear?" He pointed at the cello across the room. "You really wanna hear me play the cello?" "Yes, really do. I think the cello is a beautiful instrument. Don't you?" "Well yeah, I guess. I didn't really pick myself. I parents made me play when I was 4, so I really didn't have a choice." He smiled and tilted his head. "We always have a choice Emma" While I was playing the cello for him, he looked really intense at me. If it had been anyone else I would have been uncomfortable, but when he did it, it just felt nice. Really nice. "Wow, that was amazing Emma" "Thank you." I blushed as he looked at me. Outside the sun was already gone. "Oh my god! It's already six o'clock?! I'm so sorry Jake, I didn't mean to hold you so long." He just smiled and said "Don't worry Emma, I knew the time all along. I just really liked hearing you play"

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