Kiss me slowly...

Emmelia or Emma has always been the good girl. A+ student, plays the cello, never does anything wrong, but then one day a new teacher comes into the class and Emma's life changes, maybe forever.


3. Target.

I was sitting in my car in front of Target. I had been driving for three hours without knowing where I was going. All knew was that I needed to get away. Far, far away. I took my bag and found my wallet. I took the fake ID and went inside.

The store was filled with people. I was terrified of meeting someone I knew. As I was walking down the aisle, it felt like the shelves filled with oatmeal and cornflakes were suffocating me. They just came closer and closer. I started panicking. I ran towards the shelves where they kept the alcohol. There was so much to choose between. Vodka, gin, scotch, absinthe, wi... Absinthe! I once saw an episode of "New Girl" where they drank absinthe and they got really, really drunk. The green alcohol was calling me. I looked at my fake ID. Would they really believe that me to be 22? I mean, I'm only 18. Suddenly Jake popped up in my mind. His hands on my waist. His lips on my neck. His warm chest pressed aginst mine.


I grabbed the bottle and went up to the cashier. It was a young guy around my age. His hair was dark and curled, and he had kind brown eyes. I gave him the bottle and my heart started beating so hard, it hurt.  The guy looked at me with a worried look in his eyes. "Do you have an ID?" I gave him my fake ID. He looked at the ID and then at me. He instantly knew it was fake, but he just smiled and gave me the ID back. "Here you go. Have a nice day." I took the Id and bottle and then I ran out of the store.


I was running towards my car when I heard someone yelling. "Hey? Hey you, wait!" I turned around and it was the young guy. He caught up to me and gave me my wallet. "You forgot this when you were paying." I took the wallet and smiled. Then out of nowhere, I started crying. "Hey, are you okay? What's wrong?" He took my hand and look me in the eyes. He cared. "You know what? I'm gonna take my break, you stay right here and then we are going to talk about this, okay?" He smiled at me and then I just flipped out. "Why? Would you do that? You don't even know me! You don't know anything!" He smiled at the ground. "Just stay here, okay." He went back inside. I could have just left, but I didn't. I stayed and I waited.


It took almost 15 minutes, but then he came out. He was no longer wearing the red Target polo uniform, he was just wearing a simple white V-neck t-shirt. He smiled and waved at me. He looked so cute, that for a second I completely forgot what had happened four hours ago. I forgot about Jake. "So, are you ready to go?" He pulled his car keys up from his pocket and dangled them in the air. "Aren't you going back to work in a while?" "Nope, I got one of my coworkers to cover for me. So I'm all yours." He walked over to his car. It was a blue jeep. A little old, very used. Any other day I would never have gotten into a car with a stranger, but right know my life couldn't really get any worse. Only four hours ago I had sex with a married man, who was 15 years older than me, and on top of that, he was my teacher. I didn't care about anything right know. So I got in a stranger's car. ​

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