The Girls Eyes

Poetry of different stories of girls. Random poems that suddenly pops out of mind.


1. The Girl's Tears

The sun rose up above the skies,

Within the rise came with the lost of thousand lives;

While I pray, hoping they reach the heavens,

And wishing they seek no vengeance.


The bitter taste of breeze after war,

Where lying men and women's body scattered into the field of cow;

No life, no breath. But only a never healing scar,

Only to be a flesh of livestocks for flying crows.


Slowly the wind grew so strong

The cold made me feel that what I knew was wrong;

Wrong about thinking it's better to be alone,

Wrong about pretending to be a stone.


For when I saw the death on the grass of land

My frozen heart began to drown;

My rough tongue began to apologize,

For these people who treated me nice.


The couples who used to flirt anywhere in town.

The baker who always preach his hard headed son;

The wife who forgave his cheating husband,

And the running child who gave his friend an errand.


I gave a silent cry,

My sob was pointless to stop even if I try;

My heart felt stabbed in the shard of knife,

For I grieve to the people who are suppose to be alive!

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