The Girls Eyes

Poetry of different stories of girls. Random poems that suddenly pops out of mind.


2. The Girl's Man

He said I love you,

His voice was firm and true;

He just said the words I want to hear from you,

The words that made us together too.


Like the river, like the falls,

The only thing that stopped me was your walls;

Like the wind, like the drizzle,

All you did was to give me close doors.


Then he came one day,

Smiling like you in that grinning way;

But showed me that he doesn't want to be you,

And just said the words again, I love you, I love you.


I didn't realize that I smiled,

When he stood firm like the other night;

When he hugged me last week when I cried,

When he said he doesn't care the last time I lied.


He said he was really sure,

His love was white and promised it's pure;

He smiled with the brightest light,

And that told me that he was really kind.


Can you see him from the heaven above?

Can you ask God to bless him my old love?

The man in front of me is not you,

But he always assure 'I love you' like you do.

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