The Girls Eyes

Poetry of different stories of girls. Random poems that suddenly pops out of mind.


3. That Girl's Wings

The girl dreams to achieve,

The girl dreams to believe;

As high as mountain's top,

As big as the sky that's up.


Unable to flock her one damaged wing,

Her dream was blur and was so dim;

In the dangerous, lonely, and dark forest,

A place so scary and land of wild beast.


In the little group of bush she hides,

Trying to fly again what she desires;

Amidst the storm, amidst the rage of wind,

hopes and prayers above is what she send.


Little girl who's one wing was damaged,

Wanted to fly and reach her what's most awaited;

To reach a dream where it's always been,

To be free from the dark forest and be happy again.


Then days after days she tried to flock,

Her damaged wings hearing other creatures mock;

Her determined heart remained brave and strong,

To prove the creatures that they're all wrong.


Fly high! Now its higher,

Dreams that are far was now closer;

With the girl's wings that face the skies of wind,

Her fear down the forest of darkness have long end.

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