Rise of the Dragonborn

In a world full of dragons and magic there lived a legend, the legend Durnaar. He was notoriously known throughout the lands as a hero of heroes. His daughter, Dryssaadi, was the last to see him before he went on a quest into the great unknown, a portal that led into a mysterious world of mysterious beasts and landscapes. Going through the portal, Dryssaadi meets humans and establishes bonds which see would never forget. However when a dark force shakes her and breaks her down, she is torn between her world and the new land. She faces deadly beasts and harsh climates, venturing on to find the lost scrolls, the keys to finding her father.


1. Prelude

     It was bad times in the lands of Toril. The arcane magic almost ceased to exist and the effect the spellplague had on the gods was disastrous. The magnificent Unther empire  It was within this realm that many legends were born. One of the legends specifically was the legendary dragonborn, Durnaar, who fought in the war between the draconic leaders of Tymanchebar and the enslaved dragonborns. When the Tymanther realm was in its golden age, Durnaar settled down from his life of heroism and raised his daughter alongside his wife, Valsaadi. They raised their daughter in peace until bandits raided their town of Myrrka. 

     Fighting bravely to protect her daughter's life, Valsaadi died by a blow to the head from a mace. The death of his wife caused Durnaar to go into heroism again, taking more and more dangerous quests every time. As his daughter Dryssaadi grew she would miss her father, who went on long quests that took months to complete. While her father was away, Dryssaadi was sent to nobleman Alfan Kyngeston's house. Dryssaadi was the daughter of a nobleman and war hero, so it was only fitting that she be taken care of by the noble house of Kyngeston. 

     In the times of her father's travels, Dryssaadi would collect the artifacts her father brought back for her. Over the years, she had collected foreign gold coins, mysterious artifacts from the snowy mountains of Fae'run, and simple woven baskets filled with books and trinkets. In the times where she stayed with the house of Kyngeston, she would accompany the children of Alfan Kyngeston to their school for children with noble lineage. She was regarded as an outcast however, for she was abnormally different from the other students and children. While most dragonborns were born from parents of the same dragonborn race, Dryssaadi was different. She was a dragonborn born from that of her black scaled father and silver scaled mother. 

     With her mother being from a secret village of noble silver dragonborns the snowy mountains of Fae'run and her father being from the swamps of Abeir, Dryssaadi inherited her mother's rare and powerful silver scales and ice magic. It was her with these rare powers and scales that caused Dryssaadi to be bullied by the other children at her school. She was not only a dragonborn born from two different clans but she was also a species of dragonborn that was rare and had never before been seen in the south. However, Dryssaadi had not been alone. Her mother, along with her, had been the first arctic dragonborn to step foot into the south. 

     In the wake of Dryssaadi's seventeenth birthday, Durnaar would be returning from a dangerous quest he was sent on in the mountains of Fae'run. He had been sent to retrieve an artifact from the caverns of a temple. The artifact that Durnaar had been sent to retrieve was a powerful relic called the Crown of Aigromia. 

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