Him + Her

Marley was a normal straight A kid but when she moves to Sydney and meets the boy of her dreams that all changes.


1. moving day

Marley's POV

Fuck, were moving today! I said as I woke up. I ran to my bathroom and took a shower and brushed my teeth and hair then got clothes on. "MARLEY" my mom yelled. " IM FUCKING COMING" " Language please" she said.

Luke's POV

I woke up to the sound of Marley and mom yelling at one another. " Fuck we are moving." I slowly got my business done then ran downstairs for breakfast. " Sup fuck face. " Marley said " Sup pussy mouth. " I said back. We both looked at mum and saw that she was giving us a What The Fuck look so we stopped

A few hours later in Sydney


Marley's POV(again)

"Mum I want a tattoo I'm eighteen I'm old enough to have one" I said " Fuck no" mum said. "Fine. " I said. After that I fell asleep.

A/N. Hey guys I hope you like the first chapter and sorry for ending it so soon I will post another chapter tomorrow.😍 xoxo

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