Him + Her

Marley was a normal straight A kid but when she moves to Sydney and meets the boy of her dreams that all changes.


4. him

Marley's POV

When we got to our new house me and Luke picked our rooms and got our boxes into our rooms. I put up my black curtains, made my bed, put up my posters, and put my clothes away. I checked my phone and it was only 6:35. So I wrote my mum a note saying I will be at the beach, and I started walking there.

Calum's POV

"FUCK YOU BITCH" I yelled. I stormed out the front door and ran to the beach. Then I saw this girl on the shore staring out into the ocean she was beautiful. I walked over to her and sat down. "Hey love what are you doing out here alone" I asked the girl. "I just moved here" she said. Me and the girl talked for a while and I learned that her name was Marley. We gave each other our phone numbers. "Do you want me to walk you home?" I asked Marley. She nodded. So we started walking back to her place. When we got there she pecked my cheek then waved and walked inside.

Luke's POV

"Where have you been?" I asked Marley when she got home. "Did you read the fucking note." "No" we argued. "Who was that that brought you home?" I wondered. She said. "His name is Calum, but can I tell you something?" "Yes what is it?" She said that she liked him very much and that she had his number and she just rambles on and on. Then we both went into our rooms and went to sleep.

A/N. Hey guys did you like the long chapter? Tell me if you like the story so far. Xoxo

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