Dear Journal

Melody Ashford. Just you average teenage girl. She's fun and popular in school, but what most people doesn't know is the secret she's hiding deep within herself. Will anyone find out what it is? Especially the new kid trying to win her heart.


2. My new journal

September 13 10:32 pm

Dear journal,

Mom just bought this for me and she says I have to write in it about my life. I don't really have anything to write about right now. Maybe I will later but who knows. Anyways I better get to bed. Mom gets mad when I stay up to late. 



I sighed and put my notebook down. I laid on my bed and put my blanket to my chin. Eventually I fell asleep. 

I woke up to my brother coming in my room. 

"Mom says its time to get up for school," Chris told me.  I groaned andslowly sat up. 
"How can I get ready when you won't go out." I replied. He laughed, but stayed where he was. "Please go out," I mumbled. He smiled. 
"ooh is miss popular getting mad?" he said. Ugh, he can be such a bug sometimes. I sighed. "fine I'll go out. " he walked out of my bedroom and shut the door. I got up and started getting dressed. Being popular everyone expects you to wear all the newest fashion and have the latest hair styles.  Sometimes it was annoying but it was worth it.  Everyone looked up to me an my friends, for advice, for  help with things and especially for support. If I do something it is most likely that within the next week the whole school will be doing it. 

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