Dear Journal

Melody Ashford. Just you average teenage girl. She's fun and popular in school, but what most people doesn't know is the secret she's hiding deep within herself. Will anyone find out what it is? Especially the new kid trying to win her heart.


3. Begging for a ride

I finished getting ready for school and went to Chris. 

"Please take me to school," I asked him. He looked at me and sighed rolling his eyes. "Please," I asked him again. 

"Fine," he smiled. "you have to beg your older brother for a ride to school." he laughed and grabbed his keys. 

"Only because mom says I'm no old enough for my own car yet," I replied and hopped into the passenger side of his truck. I loved my brother but like all brothers are, he can be annoying sometimes. "besides you have to go to school anyways." I said as he pulled out of the driveway. 

"You do have a point," he laughed. We were really close to each other, especially what happened a couple years ago. But I told myself I wouldn't think or talk about it to anyone. 



As soon as I got to school all of my so called friends came and surrounded me. I don't have a lot of real friends, which is probably one of the reasons I never let my feelings show. I do have practically the whole school that tried to be my friends. They are all fakes though, just liking me so they aren't a nobody. I smiled at all my "friends" Suer they were nice to me it would just be nice to be able to talk to someone about stuff without having them tell everyone about it. I don't really trust people, I guess I'm just afraid of getting close to someone and having my heart broken. I've seen to many realtionships like that and I don't want to be one of them. My solution. Just don't go out in the first place. Which is kind of hard because, being popular I have a lot of boys coming to me almost everyday. 

The bell rang and I made my way to first period. 

"Hey Mel," Someone said behind me. I turned around and saw Shyan. 

"Hey Shy," I replied and smiled. She was one of the closest friends I have right now. 

"I heard that there is a new kid," She replied. I shrugged.

"A new person to start loving me." I laughed. She laughed with me as we walked into first period. We had that class together which I was thankful for. 

Ten minutes later the teacher was talking about the importance of helping others if they are lost or new. Almost like a tourist, as she discribes it. 

"Melody Ashford please come to the office." An announcement rang through the intercom. I sighed and looked at Shyan. I walked out of the class wondering what this was about. I've never really been called to the office before, but it wasn't like I was a good kid either. 

"Hello Melody," The principal said as I walked into his office. I looked at him and smiled. "If you are wondering about why you are here then I will explain." He continued. I looked at a boy sitting in a chair across from him. "Please sit down." The principal said. I sat in a chair next the boy. "Melody, This is Louis. He is new here and I want you to show him around." I stared at the principal. What? He expects me the walk around with this kid all day? 

"What about my classes?" I asked. Louis looked at me and smirked.

"I've already excused you from them for the rest of the day." The principal stated. I sighed and Louis chuckled. This is going to be fun. Notice my sarcasm. 


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