Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


7. The Vision of the Mysterious Room and Conflict

Why had I been thinking about Jem ? I mean at a time like this, you would think that I would have some sense in my mind.

First of all, who in the world is Zinaida ? I mean I think I have heard that name before, some time in the past though. When had it been ? I could not remember for the life of me. Instead of wondering about it though, I turned my attention to the other question. Who am I ? 

The question had been circling my thoughts since the weird guy calling himself Noros left. In my mind the words he said circled, over and over. It could not have been more annoying to have a single thought repeatedly going through my head. It could have gone better but, I was not sure who I was anymore. 

Suddenly, the darkness began to fade around me. With the light slowly returning, I could see the living room start to appear around me. Back in the living room, I turned my head to the rocking chair in the corner of the room and saw Mrs. Codggins there, knitting away at the hat that she had just started. In any normal situation, what I had just gone through would make someone go insane. But for some reason, one which I couldn't figure out, I seemed unaffected by the events that preceded. 

I was confused no doubt, but the events that were going to occur after my experience were unthinkable. 

The next day I sat in Calculus just finishing the last problem on a worksheet when the teacher walked in from talking with the principal. He had gone into the hallway after the principal had walked in with a particularly worried look on his face. I hadn't heard what happened in the hallway or what they talked about, but when the teacher walked back in, he had the same look on his face that the principal had had. What was going on here ?

Just as the teacher reached his desk in the front corner of the room, he sat down in his chair and looked at the class. I seemed to be the only one that noticed he looked uncomfortable, as if he were deathly afraid at the moment. As the teacher then stood from his chair, he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came back out. His face started to sweat, and by the time he opened his mouth again, only a squeak came out. 

I looked around at the room at the other students. They all had this glazed over look in there eyes. It was as if they were nothing but mindless drones, waiting to do the commander's bidding. In a flurry of a moment, two girls- who I didn't exactly know the names of- fell from their seats and started to madly twitch. It wasn't long before more students started to fall, one by one, until everyone but the teacher and I were standing. Slowly, the other student's stopped twitching and moving. I looked closely at the girl who lay on the ground next to me and noticed a thin white film of foam around her mouth. 

What was happening to my classmates ? 

I turned my head back to the teacher who suddenly fell to the ground, having the same fate as my classmates, death. I hurried to the door and threw it open. Running down the hallways of the school, I opened the doors and saw the same sight in every single room, dead bodies. I looked around frantically, looking for signs of any people still alive and well. Yet, with every room I looked in, there was nothing but dead bodies. I fell to the ground. I grumbled under my breath and looked behind me. There, on the ground behind me, was a water bottle. On its side it read: "Live a long and healthy life!!!"

Turning back around to face the front, I cried out, slamming my fists down on the ground. I continued to cry out until I then noticed the alarm sound coming from the dead woman's mouth that lay in front of me. With the alarm loud, blaring, and quite striking, I then saw the bright, white light. 

Was I dying ?


I shot up from my pillow like a bullet being shot out of a shotgun. Covered in a thick layer of sweat, I struggled to untwist the mess of blankets that shrouded me. I freed myself, only to fall face first onto the floor. I suddenly felt the trickle of something wet coming down from my nose. I reached up to my nose and when I pulled my hand back to look at it I only saw redness. 

I had a bloody nose. 

"Damn it all the hell", I cursed to myself.  I stood and walked to the bathroom outside of the guest bedroom door. 

With it being really early in the morning, Mrs. Codggins wasn't going to wake up for a while. I decided then since it was so early that I would get ready for school after taking care of my bleeding nose. As I walked into the bathroom, the motion sensing lights turned on and it was then that I saw the mark on my forehead. It was a tattoo looking mark that went from the top left part of my face to my nose. It even covered my eye. 

As I stuffed the toilet paper into my right nostril, I looked at the mark in the mirror. It was a mix of many different colors that seemed to shine in the light of the bathroom light fixture that hung on the ceiling above me. I took my fingers and felt the mark. It had the feel of ordinary skin and also had a strange effect on my fingers as I dragged them across it. They almost seemed to burn. 

I then went and did the rest of my business in the bathroom before walking out into the hallway and grabbing a towel out of the closet. I was getting in the shower and as I turned the water on something happened. As soon as a cold droplet of water touched my face on the mark, it burned. It felt as is my face were alive with electricity that was shorting out on my face as the water droplets came falling down. I soon after felt the nerves in my body react and tell my brain that it was time to get out of there. 

But even though my brain was telling me to get out of there, my body said no. My body and brain were acting like an old married couple that fights over everything. In the midst of all of this, I had no idea that the mark on my face was starting to emit a light. On top of the sparking and water droplets now my face was starting to glow. Seriously, this made no sense. Contributing to the mess was that even when I tried to force my body to move, I couldn't.

I stood there, water pouring down on me, with sparks and light emitting off my face. It was a considerably unusual sight to behold. With the sparks and light coming off my face, it was uncomparable to the pain that was coursing through my body. I felt every single twinge of my nerves and every surge of pain rage through my muscles. With my body in pain and my heart beating so fast that my blood was raging through my veins, the last this I could have expected to have was a daydream. Or at least that's what I thought it was. 

My vision was cut from the shower head and was brought into the room from my dream a couple days ago. It seemed as if there was something suspenseful happening around me. There was a certain feel to the atmosphere of the room that made it hard to not want to be cautious. On top of that there was a strange wave of lights coming from outside the window. My vision was brought over to the window and I peered through it, curious to know what was on the outside of the building. 

I then saw through the window that there was some sort of conflict between two militias outside. On each side there was hundreds of people that looked as if they were shooting fire and water out of their hands. Next to them there was people who looked like they were controlling the earth, moving it to the will of their mind.  I didn't know what was going on but for some reason I felt as if the ones that were coming onto the building were invading. 

My thoughts stopped short because I then noticed a large stone that was being hurled towards the window. It was getting closer and closer until it broke through the window and I was sent hurtling towards the shower floor. The sparking and glowing of the mark ceased and my breathing was staggered as if I had just run a marathon. 

"What just happened ?"

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