Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


5. The Man of Blue Light

I was sitting on the couch, doing my homework when I was interrupted by a hand being placed on my shoulder. I looked up to see Mrs. Codggins standing over me with a look in her eyes that I couldn't place. It was unusual to see her this way, very unusual. Oh well, there couldn't be any harm in it could there, ignoring it ? 

I was about to ask her if she was alright, but before I could she spoke.

"Princess of Emitrea, you have been touched by the finger of Noros and have been chosen to be the savior of the nineteen galaxies", she said. Was she alright ? She continued on...

"Now that you have turned sixteen, you will be granted the great powers of Noros", she said, "The power of creation, lightning". I stared at her dumbfounded, like i had never seen or heard her in my entire life. 

What was she talking of ? Why did she use the same name as the place in my weird ass dream ? Was it possible that I really was an alien and a princess ? Naww, it couldn't be possible, there was just no way, could there ?

I gaped as the kind old lady who I had known nearly my entire life transformed into a younger and more beautiful version.  She had long, silver hair that flowed without any wind, and lonely silver eyes that seemed to pierce into my own. Her skin went from loose and crepe to tight and smooth. She was transforming into a teenager. Why was this so crazy yet so unbelievably normal to me ? I had no idea, but I was about to find something out about myself that was both truly and utterly crazy and amazing. 

There we were, me sitting on the couch and a now transformed Mrs. Codggins standing above me. She had now fully transformed into a beautiful young woman with long, beautiful silver hair and piercing silver eyes. With those eyes she stared me in my stormy grey eyes and was speaking something unintelligible in an unknown language.  

"Noros vos crampe dias yuzu teras!!! Sodos polir bonuc tresaq culior vuer vier. Gueni, dici franquetella moro rediolo siri swerna!!! Hrenati relado si junji !!! [1] ", she recited. What the heck was she saying ?!?!

I was flabbergasted at the fact that she was now placing her palm on my bare shoulder. Now, the hand resting between my shoulder the nape of my neck, was starting to warm. It was a good warm though, a warmness that I thought I had felt before. It was as if I was walking into the sunlight for the first time after being in the cold darkness. It was a happy moment, at least for that one second. 

I was suddenly enveloped in pain and I couldn't move, literally. I was stuck in the seat and I couldn't move any of my limbs, not one. Not even my toes or fingers!!! The least I could do was move my eyes around to see what was happening around me. The pain I was in was unbearable, even for me. I had a high tolerance to pain and thing didn't usually hurt, they just felt uncomfortable. But this, this was a different pain. It was like it wasn't even coming from the outside, but from somewhere deep deep inside. I couldn't control it. My mouth ripped open from the tension and I let out a bloody murder scream, loud enough to wake the sleeping dead.

Then I stopped, and in fact, everything stopped. It was all black, pitch black, pitch black to where if someone would have wanted to see something they would need a flashlight just to do so. Then there was a light. A large, bluish looking light that was in front of me. I found I could move, so I wiggled my fingers and toes to see if it was true. I then realized that I was no longer sitting, but standing. I walked slowly and cautiously towards the blue light in front of me. It was tantalizing me, taunting me, and most especially encouraging me to touch it. 

I reached my hand outwards to the spherical light. It was only about sixteen feet away from me. I walked still, slowly and carefully, trying to avoid going too fast and causing the light to disappear, which would leave me in pitch black. I was now about six feet from the target objective when it started to change. By change I mean literally change, for it was changing shape. It grew taller and wider, more tall than wide though. It then began to take on the form of a man, a man with slim yet broad shoulders and a skater figure. It was then that the wings spread from the back of the man made out of light. They were large, long white-blue wings that shined behind the man, leaving my face glowing in the pale light radiating off of them. 

Was this man going to harm me ?


[1] "I call upon the spirits of Emitrea!!! I call upon the spirit of Noros. Noros, I have in my presence the princess of Emitrea!!! Bind her in lightning!!!"

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