Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


6. The God of Creation and Many Questions

The man looked from the left to the right with his azure eyes before peering down at my tiny form. Compared to him, I was just a tiny mouse. I was in awe at his sheer size, he could probably kill me with a snap of his fingers. I was so in awe that I literally bent down on one knee and lowered my head in respect. He had better not hurt me, I had done nothing wrong. Yet, the man of blue light did nothing. He just floated there and stared down at me. I looked up from my feeble position and peered at him from behind the curtain of hair covering my face.  He was just standing there, doing nothing.  

I gathered up the courage to speak. "H-hello?," I called. 

The man looked down into my eyes. His wings whirled around and touched the ground before he grew a pair of legs made out of light and landed on the ground. He walked forwards stopping directly in front of me before he bent down and grabbed my hand. To say in the least I was surprised he was the one who had come to me. Just to make matters even more surprising he pulled me to his chest and I was hugging him. I was hugging a man made of light. Here's the weird part, he was solid. I was hugging a man made from light, and he was solid.  

"Erieanna," I heard a deep, powerful voice say, "princess of Emitrea". I looked up and then only did I realize that the man was talking. I paid close attention to the sound of his powerful yet somehow enticing voice.

"You were bestowed upon the gift of my powers the day you were born, making you the chosen one to save the galaxies from themselves," the man said, "I, Noros, god of creation, now grant you the use of my full powers". 

"But beware. These powers can be used for the good of others, yet they can also lead to evil within the carrier," he said. 

"Noros....where have I heard that name before ?," I asked. 

The man who stood towering over me at least two feet looked down at me. "My messenger, Zinaida, contacted me," she told me that you had reached the becoming age and it was time to grant you the powers of creation". 

I looked into his chest and then up into his wary eyes. What exactly were the powers of creation and why did the pertain to me anyways. Who in the heck is Noros and why did I have his powers ? Who is Zinaida and how did contact the man before me ? Most importantly, who the hell am I ?

The last question circled my thoughts. I wasn't who I thought I was and now all of a sudden I'm supposed to save the galaxies from themselves ? What was even happening to the galaxies ? Why was I such important ? One last question, where the hell is Jem ?

Author's Note-
I know not a very long chapter, but I am in lunch period right now and I had to do a lot of work...
So enjoy!!!
Lots of Love and Friendship, 

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