Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


1. Preface

     The universe is a vast place. There are many planets that belong to many different galaxies and on those planets live different organisms. On some planets there are no organisms. In the galaxy there are 15 different sectors. Earth, which is in sector 3, circles the yellow sun. 

     Now you’re wondering, why am I telling you this ? Well, I am telling you this because it is a important factor of the laws of the universe that all species of the galaxies have to follow in order to maintain peace throughout the universe. 

     The race that maintains these laws and makes sure people obey them are Klaxu. Klaxu are also responsible for making sure organisms who break these laws are punished and sentenced to life imprisonment in the shadow-zone, a dimension where war-seeking criminals are cast off to to prevent the galaxy wars from occurring once more.

     However, these laws were faulty, for they caused the 2nd Galaxy wars to erupt. The 2nd Galaxy Wars was far worse than the first, for a new species was born under the radar, a species to conquer the Order. My species.

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