Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


2. Dreams and Suspicions

 I drew ever so closer to cradle that was ever so familiar. The room, this room was familiar. Everything about it was familiar. From the billowing curtains and gentle breeze from the tall, wide windows to the mobile with the seemingly blue lightning bolts. 

I noticed from the start that this was a dream, for I could not touch anything. Everything in the room shimmered with gold a and blue dust. Outside there was dry lightning dancing across the sky, causing light to come dancing into the room. As I watched the silent dance there came a noise from the mobile above the cradle. A lullaby so familiar it was like I somehow knew the words:

"Sleep, sleep, 

Child of Lightning, 

your destiny laid out for you.

Dear Child of Lightning, 

How come you cry?

Child of Lightning, 

it is certain that you, 

will prevail over others, 

and save great numbers. 

O' Child of Lightning, 

I am right here...."

The lullaby carried on after that but I couldn't seem to remember that words for the second verse. 

     As I finished singing though I saw a shimmer in a mirror behind me. I turned around and I was greeted by two faces that looked so familiar yet so unknown. One a man, the other a woman, both seemed to have a look on their faces that said they knew and loved me. But yet, I couldn't recognize them. I wanted to, really, but I just couldn't.

"Don't fret child", said the man, "for we are the king and queen of Emitrea, planet of the guardian species who fight the order to protect the universe from them and their laws".

"I'm sorry, but who are you exactly ?", I asked stupidly.

"She doesn't know our names Emmett!", said the woman. Well, at least I know the guy's name now. 

"Oh, I'm sorry!! Where are my manners ?", the man said, I'm Emmett and this is my wife, Emily".

     I looked between the two of them and tried to believe them. Finally when I decided to trust them I spoke.

"I'm Erieanna", I said, "It's nice to meet you your royal highnesses". I bowed, showing grace to the supposed king and queen before me.

"No need for that Erieanna", said Emily, "I don't think you understand. This room, the room that we're in right now, this is your room. It was built for you at birth. 

"What are you saying exactly ?", I asked. I was confused and I was starting to worry a bit about the situation I was in. 

"Erieanna, you're not just Erieanna, you're Erieanna Genevieve Giovanni Renaldi Princess of Emitrea", said Emmett. 

     I looked from the king to the queen and back again, then the room around me. No this wasn't real, was it ? I can't be from another planet, a freaking alien!!! And also, not just any alien, a princess alien of all things!!! On top of it all I'm adopted!!!!

"No this can't be real. It can't be!! I'm no princess or alien!!! I'm a normal, human girl, who isn't adopted and loves pizza!!", I screamed. "Noooooooooo....!!!!!!"

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