Destined to save the Universe and stop the Galaxy Wars from breaking out a second time. A princess of a guardian species. Darkness and strict laws from the Order. Raised on earth, Erieanna is the destined savior of the Universe and she does not know that almost the entire rebellion and every other Order opposing species knows about her true powers and where they come from.


3. Accidental Kisses

I jolted awake in bed. I was covered in sweat from head to toe and I smelled. As I got up from the bed my damp hair suddenly stood on end, completely dry. 

"What the ?", I said, fingering my now dry hair. Only then did I notice that there was a thunderstorm going on outside.

"Whatever", I simply said and I trudged towards the bathroom out in the hallway. 

As I slid my sock covered feet along the carpet and into the bathroom, little did I know that I was going to get a surprise when I touched the doorknob. When I touched the doorknob, sparks flew, literally. I ignored the small shock the door gave me and walked into the bathroom to my morning business. As I got ready for the day I thought about the dream I had had. Let me tell you it was out of this world, literally. 

All this talk about some planet called Emitrea, kings and queens, princesses, and rooms built at my birth, all of it crazy talk. I was really confused. Was it real ? Was I really an alien princess from a different planet ? No, impossible, it couldn't have been real it was just a dream, right?

"Oh well", I thought, "It probably doesn't mean anything anyways". 

I walked out of the bathroom, through the hallway, and back into my room where I pulled on my clothes and put on my sweatshirt and shoes before grabbing my backpack and walking down the stairs. In the kitchen, mom was making my to go breakfast to eat while I waited for my friend, Jem, to pick me up.

"Hey mom?", I said, "have you ever had any weird dreams of yourself where you were an alien?". Mom didn't mind me asking questions like this because she was used to my crazy ideas and questions about life. 

"Not that I can think of anna", Mom said, "sorry dear".

"That's okay", I said, "I only asked because I had a dream that I was an alien princess from some bizarre planet called Emitrea and I was adopted by you and dad".

Mom froze for a second and then continued on making breakfast. I wonder what that was about. Oh well, doesn't matter anyways. Either way the dream was just and dream and it didn't matter.

Suddenly the purr of Jem's car outside erupted. I quickly said goodbye to mom and grabbed my bag. As I got into Jem's mustang I looked over at Jem, who was smiling for some dumb reason. I smiled back and then put the car into reverse, causing the car to go backwards and Jem to stop smiling and pay attention.

I then noticed that Jem was wearing his Hamburger Hat. It was a stupid hat that I had won in a fundraiser at school in elementary school that I gave to him. Apparently he had kept it all these years because here his is a senior in high school still wearing the cheese hat as I liked to call it.  I guess I had no room to talk because I still sleep with a teddy bear. Heh heh. 

"Jem why are you wearing that?", I asked as I buckled my seatbelt. 

"No reason", he replied, "I just thought I would be different today, that's all". I smile knowing that this was his usual deal.

"Okay, so do you want to hear about this freaky weird dream that I had last night ?", I asked. 

"Sure", he remarked, "there's nothing else to talk about except the cheese hat".

So I told him everything that had happened in the dream. As I told the story I noticed that he looked like he was thinking about something.

"Wow that's some dream that you had last night", he said when I finished.

"Yeah it was", I said, "do think it actually means something?"

Jem looked at me, confused, then looked away as if he hadn't seen anything. I looked at his wandering eyes that were trying to avoid my gaze.

"Jem?", I said. 

"Yes?", he asked. 

"If we don't go inside now we'll be counted as late", I said. Jem's eyes widened in realization before we both grabbed our bags and got out of the car. 

As we walked into the school and to our homeroom, I wondered why Jem was trying to avoid eye contact with me. Jem has never been afraid of me, so that couldn't be it. We have been friends since we were little, both our mother's giving birth to us on the same day in the same hospital room. Mom had always said that we were going to grow up and get married. 

Even though Jem and I are really close friends, there was no way that I would marry him. I mean, it would be way, way too awkward for my liking, marrying my best friend. Seriously I have never had those types of feelings for Jem, just friendly feelings. I mean come on, he doesn't even like me like that, does he ?

Anyways, homeroom passed along with first and second period and it was time for lunch. Now, you're probably wondering do I have lunch with Jem ? Well of course I do, just I also have lunch with Mike and Cheri. Mike and Cheri are my other friends, but they unlike Jem and I, are a couple. 

I walked into the lunchroom, got my lunch, and walked to the table where the four of us usually sit. Mike and cheri were sitting on one side of the table, leaving me to sit next to Jem. I sat down as Jem started to playing with his broccoli. 

"Jem you need to eat that", I said. 

"Are you my mother?", he said with a sarcastic tone. I got quite mad at this for some odd reason, like he wasn't meant to talk to me that way, like he was below me, like he was less than I. 

"Let me rephrase that. NO, I am NOT you mother, but, STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR GOD DAMNED BROCCOLI AND EAT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!", I screamed. 

I was breathing heavily by the time I had finished screaming and the entire cafeteria had gone silent and everyone's heads were turned towards us, watching us silently, wondering what was going on at our table. 

I looked over at Mike and Cheri who were staring as well. While Mike was gaping like a stupid idiot, Cheri was giggling her head off, well of course not literally. I got my breathing to shallow before lowering my head in embarrassment. Everyone returned to what they were doing previously, making the cafeteria loud once more. 

I turned my burning face towards Jem who was shoveling his face with broccoli like there was no tomorrow. I giggled, for there was no one stopping him from eating the broccoli that he had not wanted to eat. I slowly raised my head from the table and smiled. 

"Jem, you can stop eating the broccoli now, I was just kidding", I said. But, still, Jem kept eating the broccoli until there was one piece left. 

Just as he was about to put the last piece of broccoli into his mouth, I raised my hand, hovering over his mouth before the fork pressed up against my hand, bringing my hand to his mouth. 

Jem turned his head slowly and steadily towards my face. The first thing I noticed is the fact that his face was burning in embarrassment. I also noticed that his eyes were staring at my hand, still against his mouth and still technically kissing my hand. 

In realization, I snatched my hand away from his mouth and to my sides, where I put my hand in my pocket.  I hung my head in shame and looked up up a Jem's still bright scarlet red face that was centered on mine. 

I was doomed.

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