A short novel


1. Autumn


once upon a time there was a tree.

The tree stood on a hill, beside a lake. The lake was big and deep, yet beautiful and stagnant. It was a little forest on the hill, with a small path. The tree was not very big, nor very beautiful. But it was a tree, just like any other tree on the hill in the small forest.


The tree stood there for many years, and had been home to many breeding and nesting birds in the spring. In winter, it was cold and bare, creaking in the cold and silent wind, you could hear it’s loneliness amongst the other trees. Mourning for summer to come back.


All the leaves where almost lost on the ground. But one leaf kept holding on, swinging forth and back in the wind, it wouldn’t let go of the tree. Although it almost didn’t hang on, it did.


One November day, a girl came by. She came upon the hill, and stopped by the cliff. She looked down at the lake, then sat down. With her feet on a stone that was almost glued to the ground, so she wouldn’t fall down into the cold water. With the cold wind in her face, tears started running down her cheeks. She sat by the cliff for hours, crying in silence, in loneliness. Suddenly she stopped crying. She looked over at the tree, at the leaf, fighting to hold on to the tree. Wondering why the leaf hadn’t fallen to the ground yet. Hours went by, and the girl cried. Her hands were cold, and her feet were even colder. The leaf was still fighting to hold on, but the cold wind got stronger, and in the sound of the crying and mourning


she finally let go.


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