The Traitor

Sequel to If You Can't See Where it Keeps its Brain. Harry and Niki are about to start their third year at Hogwarts, when they discover terrifying news that Sirius and Remus have been hiding from them: Peter Pettigrew is on the loose, and he's hunting the twins. When Niki runs away to find him, and kill him, will Harry be able to cope inside the Hogwarts Castle, believing that he will never see his sister again? Disclaimer: The cover is not mine


1. Happy Birthday To You!

Niki ran down the stairs in Grimmauld Place to the kitchen, where the rest of her family was.

"Harry!" she shrieked. She may be turning thirteen years old, but she still acted eleven. 

"What?" he shouted back. 

"Happy birthday!" Niki squealed, and lobbed a wrapped box at his head. Luckily, he caught it.

"Are you trying to break my skull?" Harry asked, laughing. 

"No," Niki said. "I'm trying to get you to open your gift." 

Harry laughed and opened his present. 

"Wow, thanks Niki!" he exclaimed. She had gotten him a large box of all his favorite candies. "Here."

He handed her a box, and Niki opened it.

"Wow Harry!" she exclaimed. Her voice fell flat. "You got me a cheese pizza."

Harry laughed. "Just kidding, Niki." he handed her a smaller wrapped box.

"Wow for real this time, Harry!" she gasped. Inside was a beautiful charm bracelet.

"It's got magic powers." Harry explained. 

"What does it do?" Niki asked excitedly. 

"It gives you the power of metamorphusing." Harry explained. "As long as you are wearing this bracelet, you can change your appearance. If it comes off, though, you're stuck like you were when it came off until you put it back on."

Niki hugged him. "Once again, you made my gift look completely lame." 

"You're welcome, Niki." Harry said, hugging him back. 

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