I can change

Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation around his school, and he dates a different girl each week. When he meets Kaia, the exchange student from Denmark he doesn't think much about her until he finds her puking in the school bathroom.


2. I'm Kaia

​ Kaia's POV

​While I was looking at everyone, one boy in particular caught my eye. Mr. Adams explained to the class that I'm the exchange student from Denmark. "Hello, my name is Kaia, and I just moved here from Denmark, and I really like harry potter" I said. A girl named Samantha was assigned to be my mentor for the day.

~At lunch break~

​"Oh my god Kaia, you totally have a crush on Justin Bieber, the schools notorious womanizer" Samantha said, "Do not" I yelled at her

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