I can change

Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation around his school, and he dates a different girl each week. When he meets Kaia, the exchange student from Denmark he doesn't think much about her until he finds her puking in the school bathroom.


5. I really like you

Justin's POV

​I managed to cheer Kaia up by telling her about my cousin who shat herself in front of her team. Still, the question "Why are you being so nice to me?" sprung from her lips. So I told her "I may act like a badass but on the inside I'm not who everyone makes me out to be, and I don't wanna see one of my friends get bullied". "You mean I'm your friend?" she asked hopefully. "Yeah of course you are, and besides I wouldn't wanna kiss a girl that has puke on her breath" I admitted, not being aware of if she liked me back.

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