I can change

Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation around his school, and he dates a different girl each week. When he meets Kaia, the exchange student from Denmark he doesn't think much about her until he finds her puking in the school bathroom.


3. Bully

​ ~Two weeks later~

​Justin's POV

​I guess Kaia is kind of pretty, but I can't ask her out because of my reputation. My current girlfriend, Madelyn grabbed Kaia by her shoulders and said "here, take these two cigarettes, because you're fatter than a whale". I was about to go and defend Kaia when Madelyn said "Whose side are you on? Kaia's or mine?". I couldn't let her know that I was on Kaia's side, so I lied and said that I was on Madelyn's side.  After a while Madelyn left and I told Kaia that I wasn't actually on Madelyn's side, I was on her side.


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