I can change

Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation around his school, and he dates a different girl each week. When he meets Kaia, the exchange student from Denmark he doesn't think much about her until he finds her puking in the school bathroom.


1. A reputation

​A/N: in this fanfic Justin isn't famous, and he's in high school

​Justin's POV: Dam it I have school today was the first thought that popped into my mind when I woke up this morning. I got dressed and I went out the door. I was stopped by my friend Ryan saying "did you hear we're getting a new exchange student today?".  I told him no, and we drove to school.  

​~at school~

​"Alright class, we have a new student with us, she just moved here from Denmark" Mr. Adams said. I noticed a girl with light brown hair and grey eyes staring at me.



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