Dear Delaney,

Delaney lived a simple life, unlike her friends. She just tagged along on everything they seemed to do, not wanting to miss out. But finally something in her life changes, something drastic. Now her life was exciting, interesting and a little steamy. Thanks to the new man in her life, who seemed just too perfect to be real, her friends were finally jealous of Delaney, and she was happy with how things were going. But things aren't always how they seem. Life can be unpredictable ...


2. TWO : The Party

"Girls!" Sarah smiled her trademark pearly white smile as she opened the door for us. She was dressed beautifully and elegantly, her hair tied back into a neat bun, a few strands of hair hung loose on both sides of her face and her gold earrings dangled and sparkled under the bright light. She wore a necklace to match and a tight fitting spaghetti strapped red dress which just reached the top of her knee and there was a small slit on the side, which showed off more of her tanned legs. Her shoes were black and clearly new, they still had that fresh shine to them, and looked expensive enough that i could cry. Well, Sarah did look like a million dollars.

"Sam, you look stunning, and Laney, just gorgeous." She kissed us both on the cheek as we walked in. Sam handed her a bottle of champagne and Sarah thanked her before taking us to the kitchen.

"Now Imogen should be here soon, she's bringing that new boy of hers," Sarah rolled her eyes before continuing, "and I am expecting all the other people to arrive in about 20 minutes." She put the champagne in the fridge and pulled out a tray filled with neat gourmet looking finger food. "Help yourselves." She slid the tray over to us where Sam and I were just standing admiring her new kitchen which her parents at recently done up, not that her house even needed doing up. Or should i say mansion, because it seemed like an insulted calling this place anything else.

Sarah was one of those girls you looked up to, she was rich, and not just rich, but filthy stinking rich, she was beautiful, majestic, creative, funny and knew what she was on about. When Sarah walked you walk with her, when she made a joke you laughed and when she disagreed with you you had no chance. Sarah was with no doubt the head of our group and she decided who we liked and who we don't.

When we had first became friends i was so surprised she wanted to be around me of all people. I was so different compared to Sam (Imogen wasn't in the picture back then) and her other friends, as they were all perfect and wealthy and just her type of people. Me on the other hand? I was not rich, definitely far from perfect and my nails were always chipped and chewed and my hair a horrific blonde mess. I was the one you pitied and never the one to be jealous of. But despite all this, she still seemed to like having my company, and i couldn't imagine a better group of people to have in my life.

Sam and I both nibbled at the finger food and listened while Sarah told us extravagant stories of what had been happening in her life recently and how stressful it was preparing for this party (although i'm sure she got help from housemaids). "What else ...hmm" she tapped her fingers on the kitchen bench as she tried to think of something else to tell us. "Oh yeah. Mum has a new boyfriend, its super cute. Shes like in love. But he's kinda younger then her a bit."

"Again?" Sam laughed, "god she catches more then you."

"I wish that was funny." Sarah replied in a salty manner and then the doorbell rung before anymore snark comebacks could be said.

"Shit." i whispered under my breath as Sarah pranced away to get the door and Sam rolled her eyes at me.

That was the thing about Sarah, she could go from being happy as can be one minute and then snarky and bitchy the next. You literally did not know what the right or wrong thing was to say to her sometimes.

Sarah appeared again with another bottle of champagne in her hands and two more people accompanying her.

"Imogen!" Sam and I both squealed as soon as we saw her, we ran and gave her hugs.

"Feels like i haven't seen you guys in forever." Imogen gripped our hands and then stepped back next to the mystery man she had walked in with. "I would like you girls to meet Troy. Troy, these are my queens."

Sarah looked him up and down, raised her eyebrows and then smiled at him. "Hello Troy," she turned to Imogen, "so is it serious?"

You could tell Imogen was annoyed that she was being asked this question right in front of him, but she held it back and looked up at him to answer.

Troy cleared his throat awkwardly and stuttered, "Y-yes, it is."

Imogen smiled, pleased.

"Troy, darling, since your the first male here do you think you could help my family set up a few heavy objects before more people arrive? Thank you." Sarah finished before Troy could even respond and then she waved him off, pointing him in a couple directions before sliding the kitchen door shut behind him. She turned to imogen, "what the hell, he looks like such a tool."

"Ah he's not. Give him a chance. He's like awesome at rugby and even better in the bedroom." she winked at us.

"Gross." Sarah shuddered.

"As long as you're happy." I smiled at Imogen.

"He better not be a dick." Sam said.

"No, no, don't you worry girls, Everything is fine."

"Good because you guys a distracting me and i've got shit to do before people start coming in the door." Sarah slid the kitchen door open and then looked at us, "go outside, turn up the music and Imogen track your boyfriend down before he destroys something in my house." Then she walked away calling her mothers name.

Imogen, Sam and I both headed towards the backyard. We stepped out onto the veranda and gasped.

"Damn this is nice." i breathed, totally taken aback.

'No shit." Sam replied as she looked around the massive veranda.

"She always goes all out doesn't she." Imogen said.

Sarah definitely outdid herself this time. In every corner there were massive speaks, lights were everywhere, and a Dj booth was snuggled between two statues. A bar was placed in the middle absolutely filled with alcoholic drinks There was a big long table that was covered in punch bowls and snack foods as well as plenty of cups and mixers. A miniature stage was on one end of the veranda with a microphone and its stand already on it, and then there was a beef pong table conveniently sitting on the grass in case somebody started to chuck up. 

"This party is gonna be bomb girls." Sam said.

"It sure will be." I agreed.


The music was so loud it almost hurt my ears, and the lights were blinding. But i loved it. So did everybody else.

Sarah was walking around, socializing, chatting up boys and laughing with friends I didn't even know she had. Everyone was complimenting how she looked and how great the party was going. She loved the attention.

Imogen on the other hand was drunk, laughing too loud, dragging Troy on the dance floor every five minutes and non stop talking and bragging about him to us. Sarah was clearly sick of it and approached us while Imogen was off chatting his ear off.

"Ugh, im so sick of her waving him around as if he's a trophy. Like shut up."

"No shit." Sam laughed and i joined in. There was no secret about the rivalry between Imogen and Sarah, they always found little ways to diss one another. Kind of kept things interesting i guess.

"Im going to the bar." I announced and walked towards it. I slapped the table lightly to get the bartenders attention. "One guava cruiser thanks."

"Coming right up." He smiled and winked at me then slid the drink over.

"Service here is fast isnt it." A voice said behind me as i grabbed the cold, glass bottle.

I turned around. Behind me was a tall boy, with medium length dark hair and emerald green eyes. His smile was so bright i could have used it as a torch, and he wore a plain black t shirt with slighty ripped skinny jeans to match. Boy was he a sight.

"Can i get the same as her." he said to the bartender as he got closer to me. I just stared at him.

"Sure," the bartender gave him a bizarre look as he handed him the cruiser. The boy smiled again when he took it and looked at me.

"Seriously? A pink cruiser? Do females drink anything else?" he opened the drink and threw the cap away, and then took a sip.

"Is this how you always talk to girls? Go up to a stranger and then insult the first thing you know about them?" i responded jokingly. I took a sip of my drink. Damn he was cute.

"Only pretty girls." he winked at me.

I couldn't hold back a smile although he was being so cheesy. "Thanks." i giggled. He smiled at me again. I skulled some of my drink. Damn he was so hot.

"Anyway, been lovely to meet you. Have a good night." he kissed me on the cheek and just like that the boy walked away.

I was so astounded by how quickly he had came and left that i just stood there not moving. Then I finished my drink and put it down on the table. Damn i fucked it up.

I ordered another drink and then left the bar. I couldn't stop thinking about the boy. I just wanted to see him again, he seemed so charming i just wanted to know more.

Sam and Sarah ran up to me and nearly knocked me over with their drunk hugs.

"Having fun?" Sarah breathed on me. Her breath reeked of alcohol. Sam started nodding next to her.

"Heaps." I replied, then realized that Sarah would know everyone at this party. "Oh by the way, this guy came up to talk to me, he had like black hair, green eyes and super good looking. Know who im taking about by any chance? I didnt catch his name."

Sarah tipped her head back and laughed. She was so drunk. She started slurring, "sweetie you should know that if a man doesn't tell you his name he does not want you to know."

"It could be Brodie." Sam butt in.

Sarah frowned. "Doubt it, he's like fat."

I rolled my eyes at Sarah's stupid remarks.

"Anyway," Sam wiped her mouth and some of her lipstick smudged. "We have some boys to find, you coming?"

I shook my head. I just wanted to find this boy.

"Your loss." Sarah giggled and they both started pushing through the people to try and move.

Being left alone again i wondered where Imogen was. I had barely seen her all night, only every now and again.

I sat down on a step that lead down off the veranda and onto the grass. The sky was beautiful, i just stared up and enjoyed the amount of stars that were out tonight. My drink was almost finished and i was dreading getting up to get another.

I turned around to get up and a voice surprised me so much i nearly fell off the step.

"Here." A hand passed me a drink.

I looked at it and my face broke into a smile. Pink vodka cruiser. It was him again.

I took it and started shaking my head, staring at the beverage. "Well thank - " i finally looked at him. Only to see that it wasn't him, and it was in fact some guy i had never seen before.

"Ah thank you?" i finished, confused, and a little cloud of disappointment washed over me.

"No problem sweetheart." he chuckled. This guy had black hair as well, along with green eyes. He must have been Brodie? "Anyway, catch you later." And he walked away.

What is with the guys tonight? Just saying a few words and then leaving without any explanation? It was getting irritating and immature.

I opened the bottle and finished it in record time, and then headed towards the dance floor to find my friends.

"Laney!" I spun around and saw Sam running towards me. I was so glad to see her.

"Samantha! Wheres Sarah?" I asked once she caught up to me.

"Oh, you know." She waved her hand. "Mingling. With boys."

"Sounds like Sarah" I laughed. "Seen Imogen?"

"Oh her, she's off with troy somewhere. I wouldnt try to find them if i were you." She snorted. I hadn't seen Sam this drunk in a long time. "Come on Delaney, be fun. Lets partayyyyyy."

I had barely been partying and it was a night to be with my friends. I did feel a bit boring, so i followed her onto a spot on the dance floor and i just let the night take over me.

It was 11:45 and everyone was wasted. Luckily i had barely been drinking so i had just reached the point of tipsy and i could control myself. Sam and Sarah could not. Imogen even went home early with Troy. Sarah would give her a grilling about that tomorrow i was sure of it.

Everyone in the crowd were shouting the lyrics to songs and Sarah, Sam and I all joined in, holding onto each other and jumping up and down to the music.

My feet were beginning to ache and i knew i could no longer keep these shoes on. "Girls, i gotta sit down for a minute my feet are about to fall off."

"Okay!" Both Sam and Sarah shouted, too drunk to feel any sort of pain although their shoes looked more uncomfortable then mine.

After a minute of searching i finally found a free seat but it was next to an over filled bin which was clearly why no one had claimed it yet. I was too exhausted to care so i sat down and lent my head back. I knew i was visibly sweating so i gave myself a few minutes to cool down before i started to take off my shoes. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath.

I felt someone sit next to me so i moved my arm to make sure it was not in the way. All i could think about was how could it would be to be lying in my own bed.

"Sitting next to a bin but still looking classy."

I sat up and looked beside me. It was the boy, and this time i was sure of it.

"You again?" i said, raising an eyebrow.

He laughed. "You know when Brodie came up and gave you that drink instead of me you looked pretty disappointed so don't act like your not happy."

"You did that on purpose didn't you!"

"Sure did. Found it pretty damn funny too." He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it.

"Hilarious. Why are you talking to me again?" The smell of the smoke filled my nostrils and I tried not to think about it. I had only just recently gave up.

"Am i not allowed to? I just thought i would come give the pretty girl a goodbye before i left."

Although i had only known this person barely at all, I was sad when he said he had to go. He seemed so mysterious and something about that made me feel like i needed more of it. Was rather annoying though that he came and went as he pleased.

"Flattered." I replied, not wanting to give any hint that i was indeed hoping to see him again. "One hello and one goodbye? Thats all a girl needs isnt it."

He smiled at my sarcastic tone and i, for the second time that night, thought about how bright and white his teeth were.

"Anyway," He started to get up, "I better get going. It was nice to meet you . . . ?" he drifted off and then i realized he was waiting for my name.

"Oh, ah Delaney." I stammered.

He raised his eyebrow for a second but then he smiled again. "Lovely, Delaney, well i will see you around. Maybe." He smirked and then walked away.

"Bye . . ." i said although i knew he would not have been able to hear me.

At least i knew a little bit more about him,I thought as i finally started taking my shoes off. I knew his . . . wait. I had only given him my name, I knew literally nothing. Just like the first conversation.

"Mother fucker," i whispered under my breath.


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