Dear Delaney,

Delaney lived a simple life, unlike her friends. She just tagged along on everything they seemed to do, not wanting to miss out. But finally something in her life changes, something drastic. Now her life was exciting, interesting and a little steamy. Thanks to the new man in her life, who seemed just too perfect to be real, her friends were finally jealous of Delaney, and she was happy with how things were going. But things aren't always how they seem. Life can be unpredictable ...


1. ONE : Relying On Sam

Ever since i drove my fathers car into a tree he's lost all trust in me. So now when i ask to drive his car he says no, which is bullshit. I have to catch a bus to Sarah's house, a bus! All my friends drive their pretty shiny little vehicles their parents got them and then there's me and my mum won't even lend me $2.50 for my bus fare.

Sarah's party was tonight, and i knew everyone was going to look glamorous. So i threw on my glittery dress, that i had ordered online ( that arrived a size too big) and strapped on some expensive looking shoes i found somewhere.

I'll just call Sam and see if she can pick me up on the way, I thought as i finished buckling the shoes, definitely not willing to catch a bus. How embarrassing would that be.

I took my phone off my dresser and began dialling it as i walked towards the mirror to have a look at my complete outfit. It was alright, nothing as good compared to what my friends would be wearing but not bad for me.

"What's up?" Sam answered the call.

"Oh hey," i was distracted by looking at this piece of hair that was sticking out like a sore thumb on the side of my head. "I was wondering if you could give me a lift to Sarah's, just on the way of course."

"Your dads not letting you drive again? Bummer. Umm.." she drifted off for a second, obviously thinking. "Yeah, yeah i think i can, it's sorta on the way, just be ready in 5 alright."

"Okay thanks I'll — " she hung up the phone before i could finish, and i realised she must have been pissed off.

Now my friends were all high end, don't take no shit, very conserved sort of people. They did not like to be asked things that would make them have to go out of their way, simply because their time was the only time that mattered.

Sam was the nicest one of the group, although she was reluctant to drive me she still said yes, and this is more then the others would have done.

I quickly began to rush to get ready, i let my blonde hair out today, usually it was tied back in a messy ponytail. I ran my hand through it and then scurried to the kitchen where i poured myself a glass of water. My stomach was still making noises from the mac and cheese i had earlier and i was regretting everything.

I heard a car horn outside my door and i jumped. She's already here? Shit.

I grabbed my handbag and ran outside, just in time to watch as her beautiful silver Jeep pulled up next to the curb.

My tummy continued to make whale mating calls as i stumbled into the car.

Sam looked at me funny. "You alright, Delaney?"

Yes my name was unusual. I still hated my parents for it, it's so ridiculous, might as well have just called me Mclovin for god sakes.

"Oh yes," i replied, not feeling oh yes at all.

"What did you eat girl, jesus." Sam laughed and then laughed harder when i said mac and cheese. "Gross, that stuff makes me like, kinda gasey."

"Well, same here apparently."

She laughed again and started to drive off.

"You look cute," she commented, "isn't that dress a bit big though?" her eyes gazed over my chest which was clearly struggling to stay in the outfit.

"Thanks Sam, oh hell yeah it is. But you look ..." I actually looked at her properly for the first time since i'd seen her and she looked, well, gorgeous of course.

Samantha's blonde hair was tied back into a tight ponytail, that sat just right on her head. She was wearing a low cut dress, similar to the design of mine, only it was black and had a satin look to it, and more sophisticated. She more gold bangles around her thin tiny tanned wrists and her nails were long and shiny, painted to match her dress.

"You look fucking awesome." I finished, and she smiled.

"Thanks babe, the dress is a bit short though so if i drop anything you'll be picking it up."

"Yeah and i'm one wrong move away from a fatal nip slip, so keep an eye on that would ya." i attempted at tucking my boobs in as i said this but the material around it was just too loose and nothing was working.

"Got each other's backs tonight then." Sam laughed, "or should i say fronts." she added, looking at me trying to fix my mess.

"Thats right." I smiled, "im guessing we are getting there early?" i checked my watch. it was 7:55 and the party started at eight thirty.

"Well yeah, i gotta get some booze first but i did tell Sarah I'd get there before anyone else."

"Oh cool." i said as we pulled up to the bottle-o.

All us girls were in our last year of high school but only half of us were actually old enough to buy alcohol on our own. I was seventeen, youngest by three months compared to Imogen who was apart of our little group as well. Sam had just turned eighteen and Sarah beat us all, turning 19 a month after my birthday.

"i'll be a back in a sec, a bottle of vodka to share?" Sam jumped out of her car and looked at me.

I was surprised at this generous offer, although i knew Sam had gathered that i couldn't afford my own alcohol this time round.

"Only if you really want to," i replied.

"No problem." then she closed the door and strutted away in her heels. They looked like chanel. Lucky bitch.









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