The Tale of Fruit Punch

This is a story about a earth pony named Fruit Punch. She was just your normal average pony. She thought everything was great in Ponyville and nothing was wrong. Until one day, she found out the truth. The trust in her was broken, and with it...her mind.

(All of this is based on RP I did on Roblox ^^)


1. A Normal Day

Fruit Punch P.O.V
Hello, my name is Fruit Punch. I am a 14 year old earth pony who lives in Ponyville. I ran away from home to explore beyond my home since my parents disappeared. You all know the Mane 6, the famous ponies who live here. They are the greatest ponies in all of Equestria, always fighting the danger, keeping us safe. I knew them well, they helped me get a nice house here in Ponyville. I am their biggest fan! At least..I was there biggest fan. Until that day when I realized what was really happening...


Third Person P.O.V

The sun was shining brightly as Fruit Punch bounced through the town. Pinkie had always told her the best way to get places was to hop there.

She always loved helping her favorite idols with their needs. On that day, she was going to see if Pinkie Pie needed anything. 

"Good Morning Fruity!" "How ya been Fruit Punch?" "Nice weather isn't it Fruit Punch?" the ponies of Ponyville said to her, greeting her with warm smiles.

Fruit Punch knew most of the ponies there. She loved making new friends, and was always great at making them.

"Hai everypony, nice to see you today!" Fruit Punch said with a warm smile.

She arrived at Sugarcube Corners as a bubbly pink pony bounced up and down with a strangely wide grin. "Hiya Fruity! I'm so glad your here! I want you to help me with something super duper important!" Pinkie Pie said very excitedly.

Fruit Punch was a bit concerned of how she was acting but shrugged it off. C'mon this is Pinkie Pie, she's always acting crazy. "Whatever ya need Pinkie Pie!" She said gleefully.

She followed the Pinkie inside the bakery. She looked around and saw nopony inside. "Um Pinkie? Where is everypo-" WHAM!

Fruit Punch fell to the floor seeing Pinkie holding a bat as she blacked out..


"Ugghh......w-what happened?" Fruit Punch groaned as she looked around. She couldn't see anything since it was pitch black.

She finally remembered why she was there.

"P-pinkie? Are you there?" She called out to her friend. All she heard was a giggle in the dark.

"Hehehe! I'm right here! Now you can help me out Fruity!" Pinkie said with joy as she bounced towards the light switch

Fruit Punch tried to move but found that she was restrained to a table. "P-pinkie, i'm kinda stuck. H-how exactly am I helping?" She asked nervously, hoping this was a game of some sort.

Pinkie giggled again in the dark room. "I know you are silly, I tied you up! I am out of my secret ingredient and you need to get me more! Having you be still is definitely helping since you're gonna want to move!" She said while flipping on the light switch.

Fruit Punch shut her eyes tightly, as she adjusted her eyes to the light. Then when she opened her eyes, she stared in horror at the sight she saw before her.

Pony skulls were painted with many colors some with blood. Intestines and pony skins were being used as decorations.What was most unsettling was a banner that had "Life's A Party" written in blood.

She stared in shock at her favorite pink pony, standing there when an insane smile on her face. Her pupils were dilated as she stared at Fruit Punch. She wore a dress made entirely of cutie marks and wore ripped off wings on her back. She even had a necklace with chopped off horns on it.

"P-p-pinkie w-what is all this?" She asked absolutely mortified.

"This is my super secret basement! It's how I get my secret ingredient. Plus, it also gets me new decorations for my room! Do you like it!" The Pink pony said with joyful smile.

"N-no! Th-th-this is wrong! You're killing ponies!" Fruit Punch said in tears. She couldn't believed how afraid she was of her once "favorite" pony.

"Aww don't be sad! Were going to have fun! This won't hurt for long!" She said picking up a knife. She walked over to Fruit Punch. Her next victum.

"P-pinkie please don't!" Fruit Punch cried as Pinkie ignored her, digging the knife into her stomach and pulling it out. She screamed in pain as blood began spilling out of her stomach.

Just then the basement door flew open as a few guards from Canterlot burst in. "Pinkamena Diane Pie, you are under arrest for murder!" He shouted at her, holding up a badge with his magic.

Pinkie growled and threw a smoke bomb as she disappeared along with her stuff.

The guard ran down the stairs and unstrapped Fruit Punch from the table. "Are you okay miss? Are you hurt?"

Fruit Punch looked at her stomach but she was perfectly fine. "Huh? B-but she....I-i am okay I guess..." She replied not wanting to confuse the guard. 

"Then let's get you out of here. It's probably best if you don't come back here, she might be waiting." The guard said taking her hoof and walking her out of there.

"Y-y-yeah....." she muttered.

(Time Skip~Night time~ At her house)

Fruit Punch lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling.

Her mind was racing with so many thoughts. She thought of how Pinkie first welcomed her to Ponyville. How she threw her parties. She was her friend and yet.......

she tried to kill her.

She  thought about her stomach while putting her hoof over it. Pinkie had definitely stabbed her, she had felt the pain. She saw the blood spilling out of her stomach. But when she checked again, she was fine. Like nothing bad happened.

"I'll visit the others and talk to them about it tomorrow." She said to herself. She went under the covers and fell asleep.

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