The Tale of Fruit Punch

This is Fruit Punch. She was just a normal average pony. She thought everything was great in ponyville and in cloudsdale. Until one day, she found out the truth. The trust in her broken, and with it...her mind.....

(All this is based on RP I did ^^)


2. A Factory to See a Rainbow

Fruit Punch walked through Ponyville, too sad from yesterday to bounce.

She remembered Pinkie's kind, joyful face and then it was replaced by that insane grin she had on.

Her mind broke a bit after remembering what happened. "hehehe...c-c-cupcakes.." She muttered quietly.

The ponies grinned by Fruit Punch but they saw she wasn't looking very good. They decided not to be nosey and went about their day.

She arrived underneath Rainbow Dashes house. "Hey Dash? You up there?" She called out to her rainbow friend

No response.

"She's at the Rainbow Factory." A pegasus said, walking up to her, he wore a grey hoodie with headphones around his neck. :"I-i saw her leave a while ago. She left a note on her door." He hands her the note.

"If you're looking for me, i'm working at the Rainbow Factory today. I'll be back in a flash. -RD"

Fruit Punch looked confused "I didn't know Dash worked at the Factory." she said to herself.

"Oh, she recently started heading over there. I guess she got a job or something. I-i wouldn't want to work there..." the colt said with a shudder.

"Why not?" She asked.

He looked at her shocked. "H-haven't you heard? There have been many disappearances at that Factory. Pegasus like me go in, and never come out....They always make the best rainbows though."

Fruit Punch looked puzzled and thought to herself, Why would Rainbow Dash wanna work at a place where ponies have been disappearing?

Fruit Punch smiled at him and said "Could you possibly take me"

"Austin, my name is Austin." he said, holding out his hoof.

She shook his hoof.

"My name is Fruit Punch, so can you take me there? I gotta see this for myself." she asked him.

Austin sighed and looked at the ground nervously "A-alright. I will take you there, but as soon as your done we're outta that creepy place. Deal?"



They stood at the edge of the platform, right in front of the huge Rainbow Factory. The clouds surrounding it looked grey and dull, but the rainbows looked really bright.

"Woah.....this place is huge..." Fruit Punch said staring up at the tall building.

"Yeah, I always got nervous from how tall it was so I-i never really came here much." Austin said as he looked around, trembling with fear.

Fruit Punch saw his shaking and felt bad. "I'm sorry for asking you to take me here. I can see that you're scared of this place. We can go back if you want."

He looked at her and sighed with a smile. "N-no, if you want to go in you can. I can just wait out here until you come back. Okay?"

Fruit Punch nodded and walked towards the towering building. As she neared Rainbow Factory, she noticed red splatters all over the floor. She began to feel a bit uneasy, but she wanted to know what was going on.

She entered the building and a brown pegasus was sitting at a desk. He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Welcome to Rainbow Factory, how can I help you?" he said dully, and continued to stare at the computer.

"Um hi, i'm sorry to bother. Do you know where Rainbow Dash is? I need to talk to her about something important." Fruit Punch told the worker. 

He looked at her in confusion and fear once she mentioned Dash. "Uh...s-sure. Once moment." He said and held a button down.

"Miss Rainbow Dash? Sorry to bother, but you have a friend here who wants to see you."  He said into a mic.

Fruit Punch heard a muffled response come from it.

The worker slowly moved his hoof and went back to the computer. "She'll be here in a few minutes, please sit in one of our chairs." he said in a calmer tone, gesturing to the colorful chairs sitting in rows.

Fruit Punch didn't like how the worker was suddenly calm. "I-i can just sit here, it's no trouble." She said nervously and sat down on the cold metallic floor.

A few minutes later they heard hooves clanking against the Rainbow Factory floor. Fruit Punch looked up and was scared by the pony she saw.

It was Rainbow Dash, but something was wrong.

She had scars all over her, she wore a white coat and it had all kind of rainbow colors on it. She noticed that most of them were red.

"Hey, Fruit Punch. What's up? What are you doing here?" She said in her raspy voice. 

Fruit Punch was confused, Rainbow had all those cuts and colors on her and she didn't even care. She shook it off remembering what she needed to say.

"I have to talk to you, about Pinkie Pie. It's extremely important." Fruit Punch said in a panicky voice.

She got more nervous the more she thought of the pink pony.

"Woah, woah, woah. Slow down there kid, you're gonna hurt yourself with all that hyperventilating. Alright tell ya what, you get out of this Factory and wait for me at my house. I still have a lot to do." Rainbow Dash said smoothly and rubbed her head. She walked away, back to where she came from.

Fruit Punch was alarmed at Rainbow's behavior. She acted so calm, like nothing was wrong. Fruit Punch told her it was super important and yet-

Fruit Punch's eyes widened as she heard a faint scream come from outside the factory.

She raced back outside of the Factory and saw two workers in white uniforms with blood stains all over them. Austin was struggling to stand up he was hurt and bruised.

Fruit Punch's eyes dilated as her sanity broke a bit. She stared down at the ground wondering what she should do, and then she saw it.

A knife lay two feet in front of her. Her mind was racing, her heart was pounding. Then without warning, she snapped.

...dead silence was heard....

The two workers lay on the floor, covered in their own blood,

and Fruit Punch now had a bloody knife.

Austin looked terrified of Fruit Punch even though she had saved his life.

Fruit Punch head snapped out of it and her eyes were once again normal. She looked around at the scene before her. Her mind was filled with fear. 

She dropped the knife and they heard it clank to the ground.

She looked at Austin and thought she hurt him. She rushed over to him "Austin are you alright?" she said hoping this stranger didn't get to hurt because of her.

He coughed and slowly got up. "Y-yeah i'm ok-kay. They j-just came out of nowhere, and then saved me." he said trying to stand.

"Fruit Punch.......I thought I told you TO LEAVE!!" Rainbow Dash shouted, her eyes dilated as she stared insanely at the two of them. "GET THEM!!" she yelled at her workers and they all charged at them.

Fruit Punch grabbed him and they ran as fast as they could to the end of the cliff. "Wait! I-i can't fly! I'm injured!" Austin shouted as Fruit Punch ignored him.

Fruit Punch jumped right off the edge, dragging Austin with her. He screamed super loudly as they neared the ground.

Just as they were about to hit the ground, a mattress was moved there and they landed safley on it.

Derpy looked shocked and confused.






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