Mysterious Masalyn

This is a story about a girl who is always wearing something to cover her face, whether it a mask, face paint, or even a hat with the cover thing, oh and her hair always looks different most of the time because she wears wigs but never looks like she is, oh and she wears contacts, so either way she never looks the same, and you get to see what she actually looks like in the beginning, so you get an idea and aren't confused about what she looks like.. No one has ever seen her face, except for the day she was born. Her mother always put face paint on her. When she was 5 she became the master at covering her face. The thing is she has never met her father. Her mom left her outside and never came back to get, but she left her 10 billion dollars and all the stuff she needed to cover her face, and some clothes. She has been in a orphanage since she was 6. Oh and her name is Masalyn. This also involves like a lot of famous people, and her dad is the joker, sorry couldn't not tell you


2. 2


      So today I got up and just put a mask on my face, 'cause today was the day I was coming out of my room. Usually I put effort in my look, so I guess I could throw on a dress. I put on a short flowy dress that had white splatters everywhere with a bit of red splatters, I also put on my long blonde wig that went down to my knees, and to finish off I put on my white and gold mask. I also threw on some white with red splatters to look like blood high heels on, and to actually complete the outfit I put on fake eyelashes, and dark red lipstick. Now I know what you're thinking, how did I get this stuff, well when I said my mom left me with clothes, I wasn't kidding, she left me clothes of all size, but when it came to the teen and older stuff my mom was very specific in the clothes. 

      I waited till everyone was in the dinning room and was sitting down, then I went up the stair and waited about 5 minutes, then started walking downstairs, when I got to the last step, the most popular boy (from gossip I heard outside by my door, either you were in love, looked up to, or wanted to be him, also he is 17 and his name is Jason, but I don't see what is so special about him, sorry of track, back to the story), well his eyes widen when he saw me, and everyone turned to see what he was looking at and gasped at me. I just walked past them, to the front room and it was dead silent, well except the clicking of my heels.

      "WHO IS WEARING HEELS!!" Mrs.Loon yelled, walking closer to the dinning room, while I turned around and realised I was only half way through the dinning room. When she walked in she stopped right away and stared at me, then bowed knowing that was the only way I would respond to her, because I found it was the only way to greet me. Everyone was so confused as to why she bowed, then she motioned to everyone else to do it to me, but Jason (pop boy) Came up, went on one knee and kissed my hand. Mrs.Loons eyes widened, like all girls were getting jealous, and most boy's looked sad they missed their chance at a first impression, but for me I was down right angry. I backhanded him and he got scratched by my nails. Everyone, but Mrs.Loon who looked about to laugh knowing I would do that, eyes widened.

         She rose an eyebrow as everyone was trying to recover what just happened. My nails now had his dry blood on my white long nails (that I do myself and they are real), but it looked totally awesome cause it looked painted. I looked back at Mrs.Loon and gave her a photo that said I wanted to go to High School. I'm smart so I can go to my grade which is 1/2 way through 10th grade. She looked shocked, but then ran to her office and got me getting ready.

        But now I'm going to school tomorrow. FUN, HAHAHA!!!

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