Mysterious Masalyn

This is a story about a girl who is always wearing something to cover her face, whether it a mask, face paint, or even a hat with the cover thing, oh and her hair always looks different most of the time because she wears wigs but never looks like she is, oh and she wears contacts, so either way she never looks the same, and you get to see what she actually looks like in the beginning, so you get an idea and aren't confused about what she looks like.. No one has ever seen her face, except for the day she was born. Her mother always put face paint on her. When she was 5 she became the master at covering her face. The thing is she has never met her father. Her mom left her outside and never came back to get, but she left her 10 billion dollars and all the stuff she needed to cover her face, and some clothes. She has been in a orphanage since she was 6. Oh and her name is Masalyn. This also involves like a lot of famous people, and her dad is the joker, sorry couldn't not tell you


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               Hi, I'm Masalyn. I don't have a middle or last name. So I'm just gonna be telling you a lot about me.

   Name: Masalyn

    Age: 16

   Likes: scaring people, wearing anything to cover my face, and  anything else I happen to like.

   Dislikes: anything a normal person dislikes, and most foods.

   Fear: nothing

   Weakness: showing my face, and meeting my dad.

    I have long black hair, blue eyes, nice skin, no acne (even after all the face paint), long legs, skinny (a lot, maybe too much), long arms, I'm "6"5" (even), and I way 74.5 pounds (like I said way too skinny). you might learn more about me, oh and I've been in the orphanage since I was 6, alone in my room never coming out.

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