This is for the shipping competition!
We all know that Snape loved Lily, like, A LOT. But he lost her with some simple words. Hurtful, irreversible, simple words.
"I don't need help from a mudblood."


2. Ug, Sorry

((A.N: Sorry i haven't updated in awhile, I've been dealing with some serious shit. First i have two huge tests in one day, (one f them being a chemistry and another being Social studies) and my friend texts me last night, I'm done. I can't do this anymore. My mum and i just got into a huge blowup fight again. I'm thinking on running away. So i had to deal with that along with a serious back pain that made me practically immobile for the day, and i was home alone so that sucked. And along with all of that i just moved so I have to deal with trying to comfort my friend from 500 miles away, I've just been stressed out, but i promise I'll update soon! As soon as i get myself together, (and let's be honest, I never let my feeling get the best of me for long because i have what humans call a black heart) I'll update. Thinking on what the next chapter should revolve around. I had an idea but that starts once they get to Hogwarts, and I'm currently writing them in the summer so if you have any ideas please comment and help!

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